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Questions To Consider For Cracking Great Car Rental Deal in the UAE

Sometimes you are in search of just a set of wheels. But you don’t want to pay huge amount for this. The good news is that now you don’t have to pay this unnecessary amount. As huge number of car rental companies is offering their services today, it has become extremely easy to score a cheap rental car and save money on your next road trip.

With increasing competition between these companies, their pricing for renting a car has become competitive too. So if in any case you think that you’ve found the best rent-a-car deal in the UAE? Think again, as great deals are cracked – not found. To be sure that you’ve got the best car rental services and amazing deals, it is important to ask some questions and of course getting favourable answers to them is equally very important.

1. Is the insurance included in the car rental price?

Ask the company about the type of insurance covered in the car rental pricing. Full-coverage insurance or CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance are considered as the best one.

2. What are the Salik (toll) charges in the UAE?

It will be good to know about the average Salik charges in the UAE beforehand. In case, you frequently cross set of tolls in your daily commute / route, convince the top rental car company in the UAE to discount certain tolls when it attains an agreeable figure.

3. Is there any extra charge for pick up and drop service?

Who don’t want to get something in free, but delivery and pick-up is free only if the rental company is earning enough from you in the overall transaction. Know about this clearly as it may later on lead you to pay extra charges.

4. Does the car come with all latest entertainment and security features?

Always check that the vehicle you are renting comes with all safety and entertainment features. Also, make it clear if the company is charging any cost for the usage of features like WIFI, music system, USB port charging etc.

 5. To whom you will contact for assistance and in times of emergencies?

These companies might not be available beyond the defined working hours. Ask the service provider about the RTA helpline number and the car rental kit that has all the essential information the renter might need.

If you have some travel plans and need to pick up a vehicle, picking up a best car rental company can be overwhelming. One might not think it right to ask all these questions but considering about the intricacies of the car rental industry in the UAE, it is good to get answers for these questions to obtain a great car rental deal.