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Get around the UAE in style on board high-quality yet affordable rental cars.

Reliable and Cheap Car Rental in Dubai

UAE Driving offers low-cost rent-a-car in Dubai for different purposes. Whether you need a vehicle for a day, a week, or a month, we can provide you with a car rental option that is suitable for your budget. We have a fleet of high-quality cars that include SUVs, luxury cars, hatchbacks, and sedans to meet your leisure and transportation needs. You can enjoy a trip in and around the region in the most comfortable ride.

Of all the car rental services in the UAE, we provide the cheapest offerings for commercial services, city tours, or even pickup services with the help of our pickup truck rental in Dubai. Easily avail of our car rental service on a short- or long-term basis. To ensure that you get the cheapest rental cars with ease, we offer a simple, fast, and transparent booking option. We can also assist you in finding the best car leasing deals in Dubai for an extraordinary car rental experience at reasonable rates.

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Toyota Yaris

  • Daily AED 115
    AED 95
  • Weekly AED 670
    AED 600
  • Monthly AED 1600
    AED 1450
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Model: 2020

Kia Cerato

  • Daily AED 125
    AED 105
  • Weekly AED 785
    AED 685
  • Monthly AED 1850
    AED 1600
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Model: 2021

Kia K5

  • Daily AED 180
    AED 155
  • Weekly AED 1060
    AED 1010
  • Monthly AED 2600
    AED 2500
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Mazda 3

  • Daily AED 120
    AED 100
  • Weekly AED 700
    AED 600
  • Monthly AED 2099
    AED 1599
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Nissan Sunny

  • Daily AED 100
    AED 90
  • Weekly AED 665
    AED 600
  • Monthly AED 1695
    AED 1450
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Nissan Altima

  • Daily AED 175
    AED 170
  • Weekly AED 1110
    AED 1050
  • Monthly AED 2550
    AED 2200

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What Our Customers Say About Us

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I have had a super experience with the team at UAEDriving, especially my account manager Paul. Right from day 1, all my requirements were carefully understood and meet by the team.

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Rishikesh Vedam
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Prompt, Professional, Courteous, Personalized Service. I would subscribe to their service again purely for their professionalism.

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Raj Malik
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The crew was excellent and supportive , excellent timing and good price , I recommend this company for everyone.

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Sky legend
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Thanks for a very good and easy access to your services...employees are very friendly too.

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laarni lamadrid
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Great customer service, strongly reccomend. Everything was well-organized and precise.Thank you for your service team.

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Ilian Volodiev

Why Choose Cheap Car Rental in Dubai?

Finding cheap and quality car rentals delivers multiple benefits for both residents and visitors in Dubai. Cost-efficiency, priceless convenience and no-fuss transport to and from destinations whether for work, play or both top the list of advantages you can expect when you work with a trusted car rental company.

Car rental client returning key of vehicle

Efficient, reliable transport experience

Taking Dubai’s public transport system is often an unreliable choice when roaming around the city because it can’t take you to all the places you wish to visit anytime you want. Taxis are an available option, but it can be costly if you intend to go to distant places like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. For a low-cost ride, a cheap car rental in Dubai is your best option and will get you moving around a lot at an affordable rate.

Simple, stress-free rental process

We offer cheap rent-a-car in Dubai per day or monthly car rental at your convenience. Book now and get access to superb cars, the most affordable rates, the simplest rental process, and other benefits. We offer world-renowned cars, such as Chevrolet, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and BMW at the best rate. These vehicles are considered some of the most reliable options for car hire.

Rental representative giving hired car keys to customer
Car keys being provided at rent a car dealership

Five-star personalized customer service

We also guarantee excellent service quality because it made us one of the top car hire companies in the region. Rest assured that you’ll get both superior car brands and excellent customer service from our team. Our past clients have rated us for providing the cheapest rental solutions in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Experience our services by providing us all the requirements and letting us organize and prepare for car rental pickup or delivery.

Who Will Benefit From Cheap Car Rentals in the UAE?

Travelers (tourists or locals) will benefit the most from cheap car rentals, whether they are visiting Dubai and the region for business trips or family vacations. A car rental service is the most convenient way of getting to and from the airport and all around the country. Cheap rent-a-car in Abu Dhabi offers comfort round the clock. You can go to different destinations whenever you want as well as make frequent stops during your trip.

Business owners can also reap the advantages of cheap car hire. A rented pickup is your best solution for transporting bulky goods and heavy loads whenever you need to. A one-ton pickup truck can get all your products delivered to any place across Sharjah, Dubai, and nearby emirates at the cheapest rate. Bigger trucks are also available for lease should you need to move heavy machinery, motorcycles, bikes, and tons of farm produce.

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