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5 Situations Where a Luxury Car Rental Makes Smart Sense

With Dubai known as the “City of Gold” and the “Playground of Millionaires,” splurging a bit on your stay here can feel only fitting and acceptable.

This means going on a shopping spree and indulging in various luxurious experiences, such as dining at a restaurant owned by a Michelin star chef, sampling expensive and decadent 23-carat ice cream, and cruising the Arabian Gulf aboard a private yacht.

There is another way that you can enjoy the high life in the City of Gold without feeling guilt: by opting for luxury car rental in Dubai. Whether you are residing in or visiting this emirate, there are certain instances wherein hiring a high-end vehicle is the right decision.

When to Rent a Luxury Car in Dubai

Below are five situations wherein you should never hesitate to rent a luxury car while you’re in Dubai:

1.     You want to make a splash

If you want to make heads turn as you arrive at a party, meeting, or any event, you won’t go wrong with driving a swanky car.

A luxury sedan instantly grabs attention for all the right reasons. When you want to impress some important people, you are off to a good start when you choose this type of vehicle.

Additionally, arriving in style can give you an extra boost of confidence. When you already hold the attention of people from the start, your nervousness will melt away, and you won’t have any difficulties talking to them.

You will also feel less anxious when you present to a large crowd. And this will help you avoid making mistakes and contribute to a more successful talk or presentation.

2.     You want to take some important people out in style

If you are entertaining clients or potential investors, you start off on the right foot by driving a luxury car rental as you take them around Dubai.

A posh vehicle supports the professional, striking status that you want to project to your guests. They will be impressed from the start when you have a swanky car.

Moreover, luxury cars have a spacious interior. As such, legroom won’t be an issue and your passengers will experience the best in comfort as they explore the city.

And since you are behind the wheel, you can take your guests wherever they want to. This will earn you some additional points as you work on closing a deal with them.

3.     You want to celebrate an important occasion

A romantic dinner, a picnic at a beach, and a party at home are the usual ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary. However, you can make this year’s event more memorable by adding a touch of class to it with a luxury car rental.

By hiring a luxury car and driving your spouse to your destination for the wedding anniversary celebration, your loved one will appreciate all the effort you put into planning this occasion. This year’s party, whether it’s only for the two of you or with a large group, will definitely be a standout when you rent a fancy vehicle.

You can also elevate a birthday celebration with a luxury car rental. When you drive your loved one around the town, with the party venue as the final destination, you won’t fail to disappoint the celebrant.

4.     You are planning to propose to your special someone

A posh vehicle always impresses everyone, including your loved ones. If you want to get a resounding yes from your girlfriend, including a luxury car rental in your proposal plan will be a big help.

Aside from boosting your confidence, driving a dreamy car can set the stage for your proposal. Your rental can establish a romantic mood, especially if you play your girlfriend’s favorite love songs while on the road.

Once you reach the venue for your date, your loved one will be in the right mood. As long as everything goes according to plan, you won’t regret making the decision to take your relationship to the next level.

5.     You want to show your appreciation for a loved one

Lastly, you don’t always have to wait for a loved one’s birthday or any occasion to do something special for them. You can brighten up a family member’s day by hiring a high-end car and being their chauffeur.

Reward your kids with a road trip aboard the luxury car if they get great grades at the end of the year. Bring them to the beach or their favorite waterpark, entertainment center or restaurant to let them know that you appreciate the hard work they put into their studies.

If your spouse is feeling stressed out from work and managing the household, show her your love and appreciation by planning a date. You can also act as her chauffeur as you take her wherever she wants to go: her favorite café, a spa, or a shopping mall.

Again, a luxury car will give your loved one a more memorable time as you help her relax and de-stress for a day.

You can also invest in a van rental in Dubai and go on a family trip if you want to reward and show your appreciation for everyone.

A luxury car rental is the perfect highlight as you explore and experience the wonder that is Dubai. Make sure you know where to hire one so that you can be prepared for any situation or occasion.

If you need to hire a luxury car in Dubai, visit our website to see our available models.

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Organizing a Corporate Tour: How to Ensure a Smooth, Memorable Trip

Providing career development activities for employees is one of the vital goals of competitive businesses. Examples of these activities are corporate tours or MICE tours, which stand for meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions. Business organizations that are dedicated to boosting their employees' performance and engagement have a lot to gain from setting one or two corporate tours a year.

According to corporate strategists, these tours provide workers something to look forward to — events that somehow serve as a break from the same old routine of their work life. That's not all; the events also present an opportunity to develop closer relations among co-workers with whom interaction may often be limited to project discussions and other workplace concerns.

It is worth noting as well that in corporate tours, a lot of discoveries are made about the attendees. You get to learn about their preferences, interests, and special skills.

It is for these reasons that companies must plan this activity meticulously. Our team at UAE Driving, one of the most reliable bus rental companies in Dubai for corporate tours, shares the following useful tips for organizing this essential activity.

Tip #1: Write down the primary goals for the activity.

Do you wish to strengthen the different teams of the company? Do you want them to learn together from a trusted expert? Or do you simply want to provide them with a break and give them time to have fun with each other?

Once you have established the core goals for the activity, it will be easier for you to look for places or events to attend where these goals can be met.

Tip #2: Select your top picks for tour destinations and get in touch with them to share the goal of your corporate tour.

Currently, there are a lot of venues across the UAE designed for corporate activities. Take your pick from all of them based on the following variables:

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Activities offered that meet your goals

Once you have narrowed down your options, call your top picks and express the goal of your corporate tour. Quite often, doing so inspires venues to provide something that will accurately target your goals. It's always a good idea to inform them of what you need because you offer them the opportunity to become a better service provider.

Tip #3: Get rid of all factors that present the possibility of disengagement.

When you're organizing a corporate tour, it's crucial to consider the reasons why some employees may decide not to join. These may include mobility issues, an unappealing program, or sheer disinterest and inclination to join.

Tip #4: Address the factors behind disengagement.

After identifying all the variables behind disengagement, brainstorm solutions to address them effectively. For example, if there are members of the organization with mobility issues and only feel great discomfort when joining corporate tours, one of the best solutions is to choose your mode of transportation carefully.

Check out vehicle rental companies and their entire fleet. See which of their vehicles are the most comfortable and equipped with mobility solutions, such as ramps for employees that go around in a wheelchair, or plush seats for those with a bad back.

Do the same for buildings that you will be visiting for the tour; see if they are built with conveniences for people who have mobility constraints. Choose and book the options that solve concerns.

You should also consider renting different kinds of vehicles for the tour, especially if there are people who don't like riding buses because they find a big vehicle quite shaky. Perhaps, they can avoid motion sickness better riding a van or a car. And lastly, do not forget to bring a first-aid kit that has medicine for typical discomforts during tours such as headache, stomach trouble, motion sickness, and nausea.

Tip #5: Plan your stops.

Long distances should always be cut short with a stop at roadside stations or any place where people can stretch, breathe in fresh air, and visit restrooms. Stops should be included in the program, especially if the vehicles rented for the event do not come with lavatories.

Remember, people need to go to the restroom anywhere between four to 12 times a day. You need to accommodate this, or you'll be dealing with anxious, grumpy, and fidgety people for the tour.

Tip #6: Provide entertainment.

This is seriously crucial if you want to place everyone in a positive disposition for the event. If the majority of the employees will be riding the bus, you may want to come up with a program to get them excited about the different destinations.

Consider a game of Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit during the long drive. Or, how about hosting an open mic or karaoke party on the bus? These entertaining activities are easy enough to work into the tour program, especially if the bus is equipped with any entertainment system.

The fun you'll have with these entertainment activities can make the corporate tour truly memorable.

Those are our proven effective tips for organizing a company trip or corporate tour. As a trusted car rental services provider, we have been a part of countless corporate trips and are quite familiar with the variables that make such an event successful. If you need to rent vehicles for your company trip, get in touch with us at UAE Driving today.

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5 Must-Know Tips on Renting a Car in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has one of the best, most advanced public transport systems in the GCC region. You will find modern buses and taxis nearly everywhere, which makes travelling convenient and hassle-free.

Dubai, which is the busiest city in the UAE, has more public transportation options to offer. They also have metro, monorail, and tram networks and stations in different parts of the city.

But no matter how many transportation options are available, getting a car or van rental in Dubai and other emirates offers more benefits for first-time visitors.

Renting a car during your holiday in the UAE gives you a level of flexibility that you won’t enjoy when you use public transportation. You can go anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or wherever you are having your vacation without the need to worry about waiting too long for a taxi or bus and walking under the scorching sun.

Your rental will help you save plenty of time as you visit one landmark or tourist spot after another. When you are driving a car, you can come and go as you please. With the right apps, you will also be able to find shorter routes and avoid traffic, which will help you get to your destination faster.

If you are visiting the UAE with your family, a van will make it convenient for your group to get around. Taxis only allow a maximum of four passengers. If you want to avoid taking two cabs or taking only buses and trains, renting a large vehicle is your best option.

This option will allow you to save money, too.

Tips for Renting the Ideal Vehicle in the UAE

If you are hiring a car or van for your first holiday in the UAE, follow these tips to get the most from your rental:

1.     Know what you need from your vehicle

Listing down beforehand what you need from your rental will help you in various ways, including sticking to your budget.

To get the best vehicle, start by thinking about the type and size that would best meet your requirements. If you are travelling with your spouse, a small car would be best. If it is a family holiday, you may need to rent a van.

You will also do well to consider the mileage you may need, especially if you will stay for several days in the UAE and want to visit as many attractions as possible.

If you are travelling with a toddler or preschooler, you have to rent a child-seat. Some rental agencies also charge for a navigation system and other add-ons.

2.     Check your coverage

Most car rental agencies include insurance in their total price. However, they often have limitations and do not provide full coverage.

Because of this, it would be best to find out the extent of your coverage and if you need to extend it or get some add-ons, such as collision and third-party liability beforehand.

Check if your travel insurance and credit card company provide coverage for car rentals. If they offer sufficient coverage, you won't need to pay for the extra charges.

If you are not satisfied with the coverage, it would be best to study your options so that you can find a budget-friendly one that will give you peace of mind during your holiday.

3.     Compare packages

Car rental agencies abound in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and all emirates in the UAE. If you want to hire the best vehicle that meets all your requirements and budget, take some time to shop around before your trip.

Visit the website of top-rated rental agencies in the UAE to look for the best deals. Another option would be to compare vehicles, packages, and rates on car rental and leasing portals, such as our site.

By using our website, you can quickly get details regarding the ideal vehicles and packages that suit your needs. You will also find the best prices and the cheapest place to rent a car in the UAE so you can save some money on your rental.

4.     Prepare the requirements

Once you’re in the UAE, don’t let all the time you spent studying your options go to waste simply because you don’t have everything you require to rent a car. Before your flight, make sure you have all the requirements needed by the rental agency.

Car rental agencies in the UAE require tourists to have an international driving license. You will also be asked to submit a photocopy or scanned copy of your passport and visa page.

You also need to pay a deposit which you will get back in full once you return the vehicle in good condition.

You also have the option of paying a partial or full payment for the rental when you visit the agency or even before you arrive in the UAE. You can do this using your credit card to avoid hassles if you encounter any issues with your rented vehicle.

5.     Read and understand the rental agreement

Whether you requested a copy of the agreement prior to your trip or getting it at the rental agency, read it completely before signing it and giving it back to the dealer.

Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions. Go over the fine print carefully as well, since this covers the more important aspects, such as the geographical limitations, maximum mileage, and penalties.

Lastly, ensure you know everything you will get for the fee you will pay.

Renting a car will make your trip to the UAE less stressful and more fun and memorable. When you follow these tips, you will enjoy even more benefits, whether you are on your own, a loved one, or your family.

If you need to rent a car for your holiday in the UAE, use our website to compare packages and rates and book your vehicle with less work.

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6 Spectacular Spots to See in the UAE

There are plenty of things to do and sights to see in the UAE. Beyond the bustling city of Dubai, there are picturesque beaches, mountains, sand dunes, and deserts to behold and explore.


You won’t get to see or experience the grandeur and beauty of these sights unless you opt for luxury car rental in Dubai or other parts of the UAE. If you’re hankering for something new and exciting, you’re in luck. We’re about to give you a little peek into well-loved destinations, beyond what the crowds of tourists have visited.


Included in this list are six of the coolest places to drive through with your car rental in the UAE. So, pack your bags, grab your snacks, load up your favorite tunes, and get ready to put the pedal to the metal.


1. Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet is one of the highest points in the UAE, second only to Jebel Jais that borders Oman. Walk or take your bike there, if you have the energy and stamina for the ride, although we recommend bringing your car up for a more comfortable ride. Long recognized as the best road for drivers in the world, the road to Jebel Hafeet is best explored by car than any other method.


Enjoy remarkable views of the Al Ain and the Oman border from the peak of this mountain. However, that’s not all there is to this area. In and around Jebel Hafeet are various forts, tombs, and museums – a haven for people who love learning about local culture and history.


Skip the crowds and spend hours just exploring the magnificent architectural structures here. With no ticket costs, it is the ideal spot to check out alone, with your partner, or a small group, or you could bring your entire family along for the ride.


2. Fujairah

Another treat for those who love driving is the Fujairah area in the UAE. There is so much to see here that staying a few hours is not enough to appreciate its beauty. Even if you are not the one taking the wheel, there is something fun for everyone.


Check out Snoopy Island, Khor Fakkan, or Sandy Beach, if you are someone who loves the beach and feeling the sand in between your toes. Explore life beneath the water’s surface while snorkeling or diving. After a day of activities, drive up to one of the many 5-star hotels in the area for some rest and refreshment.


If your idea of having a good time is roughing it, check out the Hajjah Mountains. Known as the “Grand Canyon of the UAE,” it is a great place to step out of your car and lose yourself while walking along the rugged trails. Bring your binoculars along as you don’t want to miss the birds and wildlife that you can only find in this part of the globe.


3. Jebel Jais

Situated in the nearby emirate of Ras Al-Khaimah is the mountain named Jebel Jais. Accessing this area has gotten more convenient over the years as more roads have been built. The result is hours of fun driving your vehicle along the slightly curved roads while taking in the breathtaking views of the mountain ridge.


Once you are at the peak, look around at the surrounding mountainous areas and the sea. For adrenaline junkies, you can try out the longest zipline in the world. Covering a distance of two kilometers at speeds of almost 120 kilometers per hour, it is a ride that will send your heart thumping and your body rocking for several minutes.


4. Liwa

Looking for a place where you can drive for hours on end? Head over to Liwa. Located almost 300 kilometers from Dubai and 220 kilometers from Abu Dhabi, you can drive to your heart’s content while being surrounded by a seemingly endless pile of sand dunes.


5. Musandam

Only got a day or two to play? Go on a day trip to Musandam.


Located approximately two and a half hours from the busy city of Dubai, the area offers magnificent views of the nearby mountains. Not only that, you can also sign up for the unique experience of swimming with the dolphins or riding on traditional vessels known locally as dhows.


6. Hatta

Do you prefer a shorter ride? Escape for a few hours by driving to Hatta, Oman. With a distance of almost 140 kilometers from Dubai, you can enjoy spectacular views of the vistas.


Go on a road trip any time during the week. With the roads deserted during the weekdays, you have the lanes all to yourself, providing you with ample opportunities to see how fast your luxury rental can go.


The UAE is more than a country of skyscrapers and man-made architectural wonders. Sign up for a rental car from UAE Driving and experience joyful driving, even just for the weekend. With the scenic driving destinations on this list, you are bound to find one that suits your fancy.

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