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Car Rental Tips For First Time Renters

From the perspective of a genuine travelling enthusiast, here is a bitter truth about renting a vehicle for your trip: it isn’t easy.

Subject to the expert judgment of all travelers, even the first timers.

Don’t get us wrong; we don’t mean to put a damper on your travelling fantasies, but it is true.

Many people even have confessed to having something near to a headache every time the question of renting a car has sprung up in the course of travel planning.

This may be a direct result of an apparent cheap car leasing in Dubai in the past without having checked the very basic essentials that should never be dismissed.

More so, in light of the fact that the wrong rental can become a huge bottleneck in your travel plans.

However, it is not impossible to find your money’s worth in the shape of the best car rental in Dubai. Even first timers can get a great deal, if they ensure the most important things are in place, before signing on the such as:

  1. Insurance: First things first. You need to ensure that should you meet with an accident, your insurance agency will cover you. That is very essential, as road accidents by tourists driving rental cars in Dubai is a real possibility.
  2. Take the number of concerned authorities: The staff of the myriad car rental services in Dubai can be a bit elusive. Make sure you have the contact details of at least 3 people from the service before signing in on the lease. Once you get their numbers, call them up immediately and see whether that number is active or not.
  3. Check rental car conditions: Evaluate the conditions of the rental before you sign on it. Check for:
  • Any pre-existing damage. If there are, take a picture, store it safely, bring it to the attention of the staff, clearly include it as a ‘pre-existing damage’ in the paperwork, and keep a copy with yourself. If there are major damages, insist on another vehicle.
  • The last time the vehicle received maintenance.
  • Keep a spare tire, a jack and a lug wrench in the trunk, in case you run into a flat tire situation on your trip.
  • It’s a different vehicle, unlike the one you drive regularly. Get in rhythm with it. Drive it around the block a few times, so as to familiarize yourself with its steering, brakes, wipers, seats, etc.
  1. Goes without saying: Always carry a map or GPS-enabled device.

 Follow these instructions blindly, and you will never question ‘all-round travel preparations’ again.

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Long Term Car Rental vs. Short Term Car Rental in UAE

Staying in UAE for some time? A long term car rental is the perfect solution for you.

Getting a long term car rental in Dubai makes much more sense than a monthly car rental. This is because the public transport in cities in UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. hasn’t yet covered entire parts of the cities. In places like these, the major areas are spread across the length and breadth of the country. Thus, it can take quite some time to travel via public transport.

Some of the advantages of renting a car in Dubai for the long haul holds over short term renting are as follows:

  1. Better discounts: Long term car renters often get better and more discounts, since they pay a bigger amount due to longer duration.
  2. Better fleet: Long term renters are usually given the better lot of cars and models, since it’s a given that the renter needs a good quality car due to extended use.
  3. Closer attention: Long term renters are generally provided more attention in terms of service and rental maintenance.
  4. Payment flexibility: Long term renters enjoy a greater flexibility in payment, which is not always the case in short term renting.
  5. Flexibility in car change: Most long term car renting companies give renters the freedom to exchange your model with any other or another brand even, which does not include in the scope of short term renting.
  6. Upgrades are simpler and cheaper: If you have family visiting, you can simply upgrade to a large SUV and pay only the price difference. This is not possible with short term car renting.

With all that is said and done, we would like to add that the oil and petrol prices in the UAE are very low, compare to the rest of the world. What could be a more compelling factor?

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The Best Reasons to Rent a Car in Dubai

When it comes to transportation options while holidaying in the UAE, every veteran will recommend the same thing: get a rental car, do not think twice.

Travelling via rental car is the easiest, not to mention affordable way to get around in UAE. In other, more developed countries, where transport is easy, ubiquitous and accessible, people choose the best option, like the subway or the bus.

rental cars

Even though Dubai has come a long way in terms of economic progress and tourism development, but the public transport of the city still doesn’t cover a major portion of the city. So travelling via public transport might just end up making your day that more frustrating.

Renting a car in Dubai is the best way to get around the city. A major reason for this is that some of Dubai’s key attractions are spread across the corners of the city. Therefore, travelling through public transport to access those areas will have a heavy toll on your pocket.

The beauty of a rental is that you can get affordable car rentals in Dubai, fitting your budget. You can choose from economy to luxury cars. You can look for competitive car rental deals on the internet. The fact remains that a rental car would be much cheaper than any other mode of transport.  

Desert Safari is one of the best experiences that you can get from Dubai…nothing compares to off-roading in the dusty dunes and getting that adrenaline pumping. The 4×4 SUV to get the best of the experience, just make sure to get enough training if you are not a qualified desert safari driver.

In UAE, the price of petrol is also way cheaper compared to other parts of the world. What could be a more compelling argument?

Hiring a rental also makes sense if you plan on making intercity trips in the UAE. Need to make a trip to Abu Dhabi or Sharjah? Simply rent a car instead of relying on air travel. Airfare is way costlier, not to mention that the route is great with a speed limit of 160 km/hr on the Dubai – Abu Dhabi highway and 120 km/hr on the Dubai – Sharjah highway.

Yes, we’re talking about a road trip, which offers additional beauties, such as Mleiha Archaeological Centre, Al Noor Mosque, not to mention the amazing sceneries of the great desert.

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Discover Dubai: Exploring UAE by Car

Dubai has it all; from magnificent buildings to rejuvenating beaches. From a breathtaking night-life to exhilarating safari adventures. If there is a spot in the world truly versatile, it is Dubai. With all its glory and multifaceted landscape, it is impossible for a mere mortal, to truly discover the actual essence of Dubai on a fixed schedule or travel package.

One can only try. The best way to take a shot at this, is to get into the midst of splendid Dubai, right into the hustle and bustle of it, with a rented car and going all in.

Why rent a car in Dubai?

Renting a car in Dubai offers loads of flexibility. You can go around any spot, wherever you want, anytime you want. Suddenly feel the urge to hit a luxury spa? Have midnight hunger pangs? Take your rental, and go for it.

With even a cheap rental car in Dubai, choices are limitless in Dubai. Following are some of the top places that you can roam in Dubai easily with a rental car.

Pre hotel check-in city tour: Have some spare time before checking in? Visit the grand ‘Burj Khalifa’, or the ‘Palm Jumeira’ or even the iconic ‘Burj Al Arab’.

The gold souk: A true bazaar in every sense. The famous gold souk of Dubai is a sprawling labyrinth of thousands of retailers selling very kind of jewelry that is or has ever existed in the world. It is known as the gold souk, but gold is not the only precious metal sold in this amazing marketplace.

The spice souk: No less chaotic and memorable than the gold souk, the spice souk in Dubai is a treat for the senses. Myriad colors and aromatic smells amidst Heritage city, all speak of a city steeped in tradition and endurance.

Dubai museum: Speaking of tradition and endurance, the museum of Dubai is the oldest standing building in the city, which, in addition to colorful dioramas and enlightening historic exhibits, also houses eons of Emirati stories in its quiet walls.

Dubai creek: A tranquil stretch of water that connects the sea trading port to the desert as it passes through the heart of Dubai. The calm and cool water is magical enough to make you forget all your stresses and problems.

You can revel in the beauty and forte of all these places, without the help of any local expert. All you need is a reliable rental that can whisk you away every time you wanted to.

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