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Rent a Bus in Dubai

Hosting a corporate, business, or organizational event in or around Dubai? Searching for a bus rental in Sharjah? Get ready to enjoy your trips, group events or university picnics with the best luxury bus rental in Dubai.

For all the city tours you are planning with your group, we offer you the most pocket-friendly bus rental in the UAE. UAE Driving is one of the most trusted bus rentals in Abu Dhabi.

After providing all your bus requirements, you can just sit back and wait for the bus you ordered to be driven directly to your location.

We know that your journey matters as much as your destination, so we offer a wide range of options, pocket-friendly services, and stress-free travel.

Start enjoying the most comfortable and spacious rides with UAE Driving bus rentals and plan your trip without worrying about how you’ll get to your destination.

Why Rent a Bus in Dubai?

Going around in a large group can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t have the luxury of having a company coaster or a university bus to take you where you need to go. Lucky for you, UAE Driving has a wide range of buses for rent at affordable rates. Here’s what we offer:

Comfortable Journeys for Large Groups

At UAE Driving, we pride ourselves in providing comfortable luxury buses that can accommodate more people without sacrificing their freedom of movement and comfort. With large seats and spacious bus interiors, you can relax and enjoy the journey. We are committed to ensuring that your journey becomes as memorable as your destination

Stress-Free and Safe Travels

With our bus rentals in Dubai, traveling as a group becomes stress-free. Company trips, university tours, and big family excursions can be a hassle to organize, especially if some of your companions don’t have vehicles of their own. While they can choose to rent a car, coordinating remains a challenge as there is no guarantee that everyone will arrive at the destination on time. Besides being able to arrive at your destination simultaneously, renting a bus in Dubai also offers safety like no other. With our reliable pro drivers on the wheel, you, your coworkers, relatives, fellow organization members or party guests will be well-rested upon arrival, ready to take on whatever awaits at your destination. The best part is, you are assured of your safety throughout the trip.

Pocket-Friendly Services

For all the city tours you are planning with your group, we provide you the most pocket-friendly bus rental in Dubai. UAE Driving offers not just affordable rides, but ones that are worth the money you spend. We are one of the most trusted bus rental companies in Abu Dhabi, after all. Talk to us. Let us know what you need when you need it and other details of your trip, then we can arrange the best affordable bus rental in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, especially for you.

Wide Range of Options

If renting a van is not enough for your company trips, mass gatherings or family excursions, go bigger with our spacious lines of buses for rent. When it comes to transportation, having plenty of choices is crucial to ensure the comfort of your travel companions. Here at UAE Driving, we provide plenty of bus options, ranging from 14-seater mini-buses to spacious 32-seater luxury coasters. You can even choose to hire our prized Mitsubishi Rosa 34-seater bus to take as many of your friends exploring throughout the UAE.

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Institutions, universities, tourists could go almost anywhere in the UAE with our luxury tour buses driven by our professional drivers.

You can even bring your entire clan to an excursion to the UAE and bask in the beauty of the deserts of the ultramodern city of Dubai, the rich culture at the heart of Abu Dhabi, and the popular tourist attractions of Sharjah.

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