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Renting a Luxury Vehicle in the UAE

If you are looking to travel in style and comfort during your stay in the United Arab Emirates, UAE Driving is the company to call. We are the trusted portal for exceptional luxury car rental service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You have the option to drive the vehicle yourself or ride in complete convenience using our chauffeur services. Our drivers are all expertly trained to get you to various destinations safely, and they’re all friendly and knowledgeable about popular
scenic tourist locations.

Explore the impressive fleet of our service providers and see which among their premium offerings (from private cars, to SUVs, and even bus rental) will perfectly suit your budget and other essential requirements. With the best luxury car rental in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, you can attend any event and go sight-seeing around the city in total comfort.


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Our Fleet of Luxury

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Nissan Patrol

  • Per Day AED 859
    AED 750
  • Weekly AED 5000
    AED 4642
  • Monthly AED 9000
    AED 8171
out of stock

Mazda CX9

  • Per Day AED 380
    AED 300
  • Weekly AED 2470
    AED 1920
  • Monthly AED 4700
    AED 3700
out of stock

Infinity Q50

  • Per Day AED 450
    AED 399
  • Weekly AED 2300
    AED 2065
  • Monthly AED 5000
    AED 4500
out of stock

Infinity QX50

  • Per Day AED 500
    AED 442
  • Weekly AED 2600
    AED 2342
  • Monthly AED 5500
    AED 5100
out of stock

Infinity QX60

  • Per Day AED 500
    AED 450
  • Weekly AED 2800
    AED 2600
  • Monthly AED 7000
    AED 6500
out of stock

Infinity QX70

  • Per Day AED 600
    AED 545
  • Weekly AED 3400
    AED 3013
  • Monthly AED 6000
    AED 5800
out of stock

Toyota Landcruiser

  • Per Day AED 575
    AED 550
  • Weekly AED 3625
    AED 3575
  • Monthly AED 7000
    AED 6500

What Our Customers Say About Us

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Great customer service, strongly reccomend. Everything was well-organized and precise.Thank you for your service team.

Ilian Volodiev
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Awesome service, very decent prices on long-term rents, never had any problems with them. Would like to thank Felin for providing such an excellent hassle-free service.

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I have rented with Uae driving for 3 months , and it was a very smooth and positive experience. All bookings were done through WhatsApp and they have the service to drop off and pick up the rental car. I rented with few others before , but I highly recommend this company.

Sarah Mabsout
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Have used UAEdriving for about 6 months now. I have had very good service from them. All organised over WhatsApp and a car was delivered very promptly. The car has been great. They have serviced the car when needed and gave me a replacement car while I waited. Recommended.

Stephen Duncan
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There are more cars to choose From UAE DRIVING. The prices are much attractive than other rental companies. Documentary work is quick and easy. Always quick response from Ms. Felin, special thanks to her. Generally the service is good from UAE DRIVING.

XW Chen
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I have had a super experience with the team at UAEDriving, especially my account manager Paul. Right from day 1, all my requirements were carefully understood and meet by the team.

Rishikesh Vedam
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Prompt, Professional, Courteous, Personalized Service. I would subscribe to their service again purely for their professionalism.

Raj Malik
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The crew was excellent and supportive , excellent timing and good price , I recommend this company for everyone.

Sky legend
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Thanks for a very good and easy access to your services...employees are very friendly too.

laarni lamadrid

Why Rent a Luxury Car in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Luxury cars are common vehicles in the UAE. But more than being the choice of affluent locals, such cars are preferred because they deliver superior performance. Therefore, for travelers who want a ride that they can trust, indeed, luxury car hire is the logical choice.

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Efficient, Safe, Deluxe Trips

At the same time, when paired with a chauffeur service, this provision ensures a genuinely pleasurable experience of navigating an unfamiliar country. You don’t have to worry about getting lost. Instead, you can just sit back, relax, and take in the sights. Or, perhaps you can get that much-needed rest in between stops to energize your mind and body for the fun awaiting you at your destination.

Reasonable, Flexible Rates

WIt’s important to mention as well that renting a luxury car in Dubai and Abu Dhabi comes in budget-friendly arrangements. We have flexible, cheap luxury car rentals if you’re working with a conservative budget. With these, you can certainly get services to satisfy you without straining your travel finances.

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A Curated Range of Top-Notch Choices

We recommend taking the time to compare all your options. Review feedback, testimonials and ratings to find the perfect luxury car rental to fit your unique needs. Likewise, reach out to the different luxury rent a car companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Through us at UAE Driving, you are sure to find one ready to deliver top-notch service that suits the most discerning clients.

Who Will Benefit From Luxury Car Rental in Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

Luxury car rental in the UAE is the ideal transportation arrangement if you will be exploring the country for the first time (whether alone or with family or a group of friends). It’s simply a safe and convenient solution for getting around a place that you have never been to before. This provision is also perfect for companies that are hosting international events and would like to impress guests or delegates from overseas with first-class services.

We also believe that a luxury car rental service should be your only choice if you have a fancy event to attend, such as a dinner gala or a wedding. And lastly, this is the best transportation arrangement for you if you lead a high-quality lifestyle or you enjoy treating yourself to the finest things in life.

Ready to pick out a luxury vehicle to help you explore the marvelous UAE or to ensure that you arrive in classy style at a special affair? Get in touch with UAE Driving. Check out the fleets, as well as the lease programs, and identify which provisions will cater to your travel needs best.

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