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Best-Value Car Lease in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Across the UAE

When you need to lease a car in Abu Dhabi for a month or more, look no further. UAE Driving can provide the best solution, whatever your transport needs may be while you are in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We have a wide range of vehicles and a choice of lease packages to choose from that will fit every need and budget.

Choose comfort, reliability, and safety when you sign up for a long-term car lease in Dubai and other nearby territories with UAE Driving. Make your ride and drive more enjoyable in the UAE with our excellent line of vehicles coupled with our steadfast dedication to quality service.

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Model: N/A
Km: 3000

Toyota Yaris

  • 6 Months AED 1299
  • 12 Months AED 1275
out of stock
Model: 2020
Km: 3000

Kia Cerato

  • 6 Months AED 1399
  • 12 Months AED 1375
out of stock
Model: 2020
Km: 3000

Kia Optima

  • 6 Months AED 1999
  • 12 Months AED 1975

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I have had a super experience with the team at UAEDriving, especially my account manager Paul. Right from day 1, all my requirements were carefully understood and meet by the team.

Rishikesh Vedam
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Prompt, Professional, Courteous, Personalized Service. I would subscribe to their service again purely for their professionalism.

Raj Malik
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The crew was excellent and supportive , excellent timing and good price , I recommend this company for everyone.

Sky legend
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Thanks for a very good and easy access to your services...employees are very friendly too.

laarni lamadrid
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Great customer service, strongly reccomend. Everything was well-organized and precise.Thank you for your service team.

Ilian Volodiev

Why Go for a Long-Term Car Lease in UAE?

When you’re staying in the UAE for a month or two, it will make more sense if you just lease a car in UAE rather than purchase one. Aside from cost considerations, there are also key advantages that you can get when you opt for a long-term car lease in Dubai:

car lease

Freedom of Choice

One of the most popular reasons people choose contracts of monthly car rentals or longterm car lease in Dubai is the fun involved in choosing a car. When you lease a vehicle, you can indulge your car fantasies and drive the car of your dreams without being saddled with expensive down payments or purchase fees that come with buying a car.

You can also enjoy switching to different car makes or models after each lease contract expires. Long-term car leasing in Abu Dhabican give you a variety of options in terms of vehicle type, color, size, or features.

With UAE Driving, you can take your pick from our fleet of vehicles, assured that each one is well-maintained and cared for. All our vehicles are kept clean and in top condition to ensure your safety and comfort on the road.

Freedom to Move

When you are in the Emirates for a month or so, opting for a car lease in UAE and neighboring emirates will give you the ease and convenience of getting around without worrying about exorbitant costs that come with purchasing a car. It will also save you from the hassles of taking public transportation.

It will be more practical to lease a car instead of buying one if you are not staying that long in the country. If you need to go to events or simply want to cruise around in style, then you can opt for a luxury car rental. At UAE Driving, we even give you the freedom to be ferried around in your chosen car, driven by a licensed and reliable chauffeur, chauffeur service in Dubai.

If you want to be more prudent with your choices, there are also long-term car lease options that offer you budget-friendly vehicles. You can also choose the duration of your car lease – whether it’ll be for a month, six months, or even a year.

long term car lease
car lease

Monthly car lease Dubai, freedom from High Vehicle Costs

With long term car lease Abu Dhabi plans, you can also save a lot on vehicle costs. If you know that you will only travel in and around Abu Dhabi or Dubai sporadically, then it makes more sense to lease a car in Dubai than buy one.

There is a fixed monthly rate that you’ll agree on at the start of the contract. Clear-cut guidelines are also stated, so you know exactly what is included in the lease agreement before you sign on the dotted line.

This includes the mileage allowance (anything over mileage limit will be charged at 40 fils per kilometer) and any other extra features that you may avail yourself of such as child seats, pocket Wi-Fi, or way-finding devices.

You can also take advantage of lease offers or packages where you pay less when you lease or rent a car in Dubai for a longer duration.

Who Will Benefit from Service of Long Term Car Lease in Abu Dhabi?

Have you been relocated to the Abu Dhabi or UAE for a work assignment? Are you planning on staying in the region for an extended vacation? Do you have business deals that will take several months to iron out?

Whether you are in the UAE for business or leisure, leasing a car in UAEwill be a more affordable and convenient option. It eliminates the need to worry about car loans, hefty down payments, costly car maintenance dues, and other fees that come with buying a vehicle.

All you need is a security deposit that will be refunded to you 21 days after the contract is terminated. You can also conveniently get your monthly car lease payments processed at the start of every billing cycle using a credit card. You also do not have to worry about vehicle insurance as every car is covered with a basic insurance plan (at a minimum), as mandated by UAE laws.

At UAEDriving, it’s quick and easy to get a long-term car rental and drive around the emirates in comfort,safety and style.

Choose a car and long-term lease plan that best fits your needs and drive away happily today.

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