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Pick up for rent in Dubai and across the UAE

Trusted, timely rental solution for transporting heavy loads and bulky business goods

Renting a Pickup Truck

Need to move heavy equipment and supplies? We can help with that. Offering a wide range of pickup rentals for all kinds of commercial purposes, UAE driving provides excellent-quality and cost-effective service that can be customized to suit your needs.

Choose a one-ton pickup truck for rent available for a very low price in all locations across Dubai, Sharjah, and neighboring emirates. We also offer bigger trucks for better logistics support in moving heavy machinery, farm produce, and even bikes and motorcycles.

Want to hire a truck for a different reason other than those mentioned above? Our pickup rentals in Abu Dhabi would see to it that your transport needs are fulfilled.

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Our Fleet of Pickups

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Nissan Pick up Double Cabin 4X2

  • Per Day AED 200
    AED 200
  • Weekly AED 1300
    AED 1300
  • Monthly AED 2900
    AED 2750
out of stock

Toyota Hilux Double cabin 4x2 Pickup

  • Per Day AED 320
    AED 300
  • Weekly AED 2050
    AED 1950
  • Monthly AED 2950
    AED 2800
out of stock

Mitsubishi L200 D/C 4x4 Auto

  • Per Day AED 350
    AED 300
  • Weekly AED 2000
    AED 1850
  • Monthly AED 3100
    AED 3000
out of stock

Nissan Double cabin 4x4 Pickup

  • Per Day AED 350
    AED 250
  • Weekly AED 2050
    AED 1625
  • Monthly AED 3100
    AED 3000
out of stock

Toyota Hilux Double Cabin 4X4 Pickup

  • Per Day AED 340
    AED 320
  • Weekly AED 2180
    AED 2080
  • Monthly AED 3200
    AED 3050

What Our Customers Say About Us

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Great customer service, strongly reccomend. Everything was well-organized and precise.Thank you for your service team.

Ilian Volodiev
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Awesome service, very decent prices on long-term rents, never had any problems with them. Would like to thank Felin for providing such an excellent hassle-free service.

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I have rented with Uae driving for 3 months , and it was a very smooth and positive experience. All bookings were done through WhatsApp and they have the service to drop off and pick up the rental car. I rented with few others before , but I highly recommend this company.

Sarah Mabsout
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Have used UAEdriving for about 6 months now. I have had very good service from them. All organised over WhatsApp and a car was delivered very promptly. The car has been great. They have serviced the car when needed and gave me a replacement car while I waited. Recommended.

Stephen Duncan
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There are more cars to choose From UAE DRIVING. The prices are much attractive than other rental companies. Documentary work is quick and easy. Always quick response from Ms. Felin, special thanks to her. Generally the service is good from UAE DRIVING.

XW Chen
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I have had a super experience with the team at UAEDriving, especially my account manager Paul. Right from day 1, all my requirements were carefully understood and meet by the team.

Rishikesh Vedam
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Prompt, Professional, Courteous, Personalized Service. I would subscribe to their service again purely for their professionalism.

Raj Malik
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The crew was excellent and supportive , excellent timing and good price , I recommend this company for everyone.

Sky legend
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Thanks for a very good and easy access to your services...employees are very friendly too.

laarni lamadrid

Why Rent a Pickup in Dubai?


Move anything, anytime

With UAE Driving’s pickup rentals in Dubai, you can move just about anything, anytime you need to. From boulders, plants, and even heavy bags of cement for construction and landscaping projects, to business supplies and commercial equipment, you can move your items from one place to another on-demand.

We also provide other types of vehicles for rent, depending on your specific needs.

Save on Corporate Transport Costs

No wise entrepreneur or business manager would want the added expense of owning a pickup truck only to use it occasionally. Lucky for you, we can provide pickup trucks for rent whenever you need it.

Pickup rentals can also be quite useful when your corporate vehicle is in the shop, having some repairs done. We’d be delighted to cover your transport needs whenever you need it.

pickup rental

Hassle-Free Bulk Transport

A pickup truck rental provides more than just a ride between places; it can also serve as hassle-free transport for heavy loads and equipment for any of your business needs. Moving bulky and heavy objects weighing as much as seven tons will be a lot less stressful with our big, heavy-duty pickup trucks.

We also have different kinds of vehicles available for logistics support. Large pickup trucks can be rented out to carry transport bikes, heavy machinery, and motorcycles. You can choose from our fleet of trucks to suit your specific needs.

Long and Short Distance Transport Made Cheaper and Easier

Renting a pickup truck from UAE Driving can also solve your local and long-distance transport needs. Whether you’re up for a quick trip to the equipment repair shop or need to relocate your business to a new office, our pickup truck rentals should be able to help ease the burden financially and logistically.

mitsubishi pickup

No Need for Long-Term Commitment

Have issues with long-term commitment? We can deal with that, too.

Compared to buying one, renting a pickup truck in Dubai is more cost-effective, not to mention it comes with less pressure for people who cannot commit to owning a large vehicle.

Hit us up so we can help you with your transport needs without the unnecessary liabilities of owning a truck. We also offer long-term car rental in Dubai in case you need to move around the city longer. These come in easy payment terms and can be released as quickly as you need them.

Prompt, Professional, Courteous, and Personalized Service

Moving your goods and equipment can be challenging without professional help. Our pickup rentals in Dubai offer excellent-quality service, lauded by previous clients as “prompt, professional, courteous, and personalized.”

Here at UAE Driving, we pride ourselves in delivering the best possible experience for our customers. Remember that renting a truck doesn’t have to be about the company you’re renting from – it should be about you.

We take this pledge very seriously, so you can rest assured that you get exactly what you want. Send us a message so we can assist with your pickup truck rental needs.


Who Will Benefit From Pickup Rentals in Dubai?

Need a bigger vehicle in Dubai? We have van rentals for moving people and pickup trucks for hauling bulky equipment and supplies.

UAE Driving’s pickup truck rentals are best used by business owners during transitional times, such as a change in office location and short-term mobility arrangements. It can also be useful for DIY movers and market produce suppliers for more organized logistics.

You can use our pickup trucks to bring big pieces of furniture home or haul materials for a landscaping project and construction supplies for a remodel. You can even transport smaller vehicles like bicycles and motorcycles should the necessity arise.

Talk to us at UAE Driving today to learn how you can make all these happen with a pickup truck rental in Dubai. Establish a trusted business and get the job done fast with the help of UAE Driving today.

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