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Car Rental Ajman

Neighboring Sharjah, Ajman is one of the smallest emirates in the UAE. Despite being small, Ajman holds on to some interesting explorations in Ajman. While you can experience the best of journeys here, hopping around in buses could be tiring. Of course, there are taxis and rideshares, but they won’t be available when you need them right away. Also, their charges may be too much to let you save anything.

Why compromise your comfort while traveling when rental cars in Ajman can make things a lot easier for you. It is one of the easiest ways to explore the place and its nearby attractions. No matter what may be the reason for you travel, renting a car will make it all good.

Cheap Rent a Car in Ajman

There could be different reasons to travel across Ajman. While some travel for work, others may want to explore. In any of the cases, renting a car is the best option. UAEdriving brings you an array of different vehicles which you can pick up and enjoy some of the best drives of your lifetime.

While it is one of the best places to drive, we prove to be the cheapest to provide monthly rent a car in Ajman. We understand that these little luxuries in life should come easily to everyone. Based on your destination and travel time, you can choose whichever vehicle suits you the best. Whether you are a tourist or a local, car rentals make moving across places a lot better.

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Model: 2022

Nissan Sunny

  • Daily AED 125
    AED 95
  • Weekly AED 815
    AED 600
  • Monthly AED 1695
    AED 1649
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Model: 2022

Mitsubishi Attrage

  • Daily AED 150
    AED 90
  • Weekly AED 900
    AED 560
  • Monthly AED 1700
    AED 1550
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Model: 2021

Toyota Corolla

  • Daily AED 200
    AED 170
  • Weekly AED 1200
    AED 1020
  • Monthly AED 2100
    AED 2150
out of stock stamp
Model: 2022

Kia Pegas

  • Daily AED 100
    AED 85
  • Weekly AED 620
    AED 570
  • Monthly AED 1800
    AED 1600
out of stock stamp

Toyota Yaris

  • Daily AED 115
    AED 95
  • Weekly AED 670
    AED 600
  • Monthly AED 1825
    AED 1675
out of stock stamp
Model: 2022

Suzuki Dzire

  • Daily AED 150
    AED 130
  • Weekly AED 850
    AED 750
  • Monthly AED 1750
    AED 1699

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What Our Customers Say About Us

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Great customer service, strongly reccomend. Everything was well-organized and precise.Thank you for your service team.

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Ilian Volodiev
Google icon      

Awesome service, very decent prices on long-term rents, never had any problems with them. Would like to thank Felin for providing such an excellent hassle-free service.

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I have rented with Uae driving for 3 months , and it was a very smooth and positive experience. All bookings were done through WhatsApp and they have the service to drop off and pick up the rental car. I rented with few others before , but I highly recommend this company.

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Sarah Mabsout
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Have used UAEdriving for about 6 months now. I have had very good service from them. All organised over WhatsApp and a car was delivered very promptly. The car has been great. They have serviced the car when needed and gave me a replacement car while I waited. Recommended.

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Stephen Duncan
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There are more cars to choose From UAE DRIVING. The prices are much attractive than other rental companies. Documentary work is quick and easy. Always quick response from Ms. Felin, special thanks to her. Generally the service is good from UAE DRIVING.

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XW Chen
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I have had a super experience with the team at UAEDriving, especially my account manager Paul. Right from day 1, all my requirements were carefully understood and meet by the team.

Person icon
Rishikesh Vedam
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Prompt, Professional, Courteous, Personalized Service. I would subscribe to their service again purely for their professionalism.

Person icon
Raj Malik
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The crew was excellent and supportive , excellent timing and good price , I recommend this company for everyone.

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Sky legend
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Thanks for a very good and easy access to your services...employees are very friendly too.

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laarni lamadrid

Get Driven by a Chauffeur in Ajman

Sometimes it feels good to travel in the back seat and cherish what surrounds you while someone else drives for you. UAEdriving offers you top-notch chauffeur services to reach places right in time and in style. It is always easier to explore places when you have a well-informed person to take you towards your destination. While you wish to layback and peep through the car window, we let you enjoy some of the best chauffeur services according to your requirements.

What do you need To Know About renting a car in Ajman?

If you are new to the place, it may be crucial to know the rules and regulations here to avoid falling into any problems during your exploration. There may be many questions you need answers to and details you need to have. Seek some of those important answers below:

1. How to find the Cheapest Car Rental in Ajman


We offer you some of the most affordable car rental rates. You can always choose packages according to your trip. However, here are some ways to save your resources when you rent a car in Ajman:

  • Compare Prices for different vehicles.
  • Analyze the distance you will travel and fuel requirements in advance.
  • Research and reserve way before in advance.

Make sure you go through the policies of the rental company to avoid any troubles in the future

2. Type of Car You Should Book in Ajman


While deciding which car to rent in Ajman, make sure to consider why you are traveling and with whom. There are different suitable car types for different situations. It may depend on whether you are on a family trip or traveling for business purposes; whether you will be moving across the city roads or going ahead to explore the outskirts and natural areas. We have listed a few options you can look for.

An Economy Car

If you plan for a longer stay in the city and want to travel independently as you would do with your own car, an economy car will prove to be a great option. It’s simple, compact, and budget-friendly. Based on the number of people you are traveling with; you can always rent an economy car or a hatchback. Certainly, it would require less fuel and less money.

Medium or Large Cars

Day trips in large groups can be best handled with large cars like SUVs, or minivans. These cars are spacious enough so that all the people and luggage fit in well. If you are ready to stretch your budget, you can always find some better options to get going.

Luxury Cars

It would be worth looking for luxury rental cars when you’re traveling for business purposes. Dubai is one of the best places to splurge on one of your favourite luxury cars. While these cars may be quite expensive, they are always worth the money. So, if you can afford it, go for it. With UAEdriving, you can explore a wide range of premium cars and grab the experiences.

3. Importance of Car Insurance for your rental car in the United Arab Emirates

Car insurance always holds great importance. Thankfully most of the car rentals know this. According to the laws, car rental companies themselves provide car insurance. It is third-party liability insurance that covers rental prices also. Moreover, you may get various additional options, including loss damage waiver, personal effects cover, and personal accident insurance.

During the rental process, you will be offered several insurance options; you can either choose from those or look for other abroad insurance policies offered by different banks. There may be different ways of getting insurance at different places.

You may need to see whether your car rental company offers insurance while you are going off-road or if it’s actually allowed. It is good to double-check since many rental cars don’t allow you to go off-road. Otherwise, you may be in trouble.

4. Which Fuel Policy to Choose in Ajman?

Different car rentals offer different fuel policies to their customers. However, the full-to-full policy is the most preferable. According to this policy, you will be provided with a vehicle with a full tank at the beginning of the journey/rental period. Therefore, you may not need to worry about filling it up as soon as then. Whenever you return the car, you will have to refill the same amount of fuel. This policy helps in saving a lot of extra charges and makes things savvy for you.

5. Who Can Rent A Car in Ajman?

Locals and tourists over 21 years of age with proper proof of identification and a driving license can rent a car in Ajman. If someone below this age is caught driving a rental car, there could be penalties.

6. What About Getting Extra Miles?

It’s important to know the local driving rules in Ajman before you drive yourself into some trouble in a new place. There could be hefty fines for breaking the safety rules on the road. Make sure to read through the driving rules mentioned below to keep yourself out of any inconvenience.

  • In the UAE, you will have to drive vehicles on the right-hand side and pass from the left. If you’re from the UK or Australia, you may have to watch out.
  • Children below the age of 13 cannot be seated in the front. Also, the ones between 4 and 8 years should sit in a booster seat. You may inform your car rental about this so that all the arrangements can be made.
  • Do not drive without your seat belt.
  • Make sure to carry all the necessary documents related to the vehicle, the rental agreement, and the driving license.
  • You are not allowed to drink and drive.

7. What About Getting Extra Miles?

Most car rentals offer unlimited miles. But it’s important to make sure that they are included in the package that you have chosen. Planning trips ahead of time will help you estimate how much you will have to travel. If the extra miles are not included in the agreement, they could result in extra charges. So, be mindful. Moreover, it would be a good idea to seek extra miles as you will explore freely.

Book Your Favourite Car with UAEdriving

Based on the understanding of what you need and the best to explore the city, we at UAEdriving offer you an extensive choice of vehicles at affordable prices. According to your plans for your next journey, book a drive with us.