UAEdriving.com presents a complete set of frequently asked questions that you might need answers for before renting a car in the UAE. No matter the type of car you rent, the below answers apply.

If you are a UAE resident, you are required to submit:

     • Copy of Passport

     • Copy of Residential Visa

     • Valid UAE Driving License

     • Copy of Emirates ID

If you are a Tourist visiting the UAE, you need to submit:

     • Copy of Passport

     • Copy of Visit Visa / Visa Stamp

     • Valid International Driving License

     • Passport holders of GCC, US, UK, Canada and certain other countries can drive on their home country license in the UAE

If you exceed the allowed kms then there will be additional charge of 0.40 - 0.50 AED per kilometer.

For daily and weekly rentals, a pre-authorization of AED 750 to AED 1500 will be temporarily blocked on your card as a security measure. This amount is automatically released after 15-21 days and is not charged. For monthly rentals, a refundable security deposit between AED 750 to AED 1500, depending on the vehicle type, will be charged to your card. This deposit will be refunded within 30 days from the off-hire date.

All vehicles listed on UAEdriving Portal comes with comprehensive insurance in accordance with UAE laws, providing renters with a basic level of coverage while driving in the United Arab Emirates. However, for enhanced protection and peace of mind, we highly recommend adding a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) to your rental contract. The CDW significantly reduces your financial liability in case of an accident where you are at fault by covering the excess amount you would otherwise have to pay.

Please note that obtaining a police report is still mandatory in the event of an accident, even with CDW coverage. Failing to provide a valid police report will render the insurance void. In the unfortunate circumstance of vehicle theft, it is essential to promptly notify both the police and the car rental company.

By opting for CDW, you can enjoy a worry-free driving experience and minimize your financial risks in case of unforeseen incidents.

A fee of AED 5 applies for each Salik toll gate crossing and will be conveniently billed at the end of your rental period.

For UAE residents with a Residential Visa or Work Permit, a valid UAE Driving License is required to rent a vehicle.

For tourists visiting the UAE who wish to rent a car, it is necessary to possess a valid International Driving Permit (IDP), also known as an International Driving License, as well as the original Driving License from your home country.

Check the below 2022-updated list to find out.

Region Licence Origins
GCC Countries Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar
European Countries Lithuania, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Serbia, Luxembourg, Iceland, Estonia, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia*, Slovenia, Malta, Albania, Romania, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Montenegro, Ukraine
North American Countries United States of America, Canada
East Asian Countries/Oceania Japan*, South Korea*, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore
Other Countries Israel, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, China, Brazil*
African Countries South Africa

*Original + Translated Copy required 

For all the other countries, an International Driving Permit is necessary from the driving license holder’s home country. 

When renting a car, it's essential to return the vehicle in the same condition as when you received it. This includes refilling the fuel to the same level, ensuring the car interior is free of any smoke smell, and checking for any new scratches or damage. As long as you maintain the vehicle in its original condition and adhere to the terms and conditions set by the car rental company, there should be no additional costs beyond the agreed-upon rental rate. However, failure to return the car in the same condition may result in extra charges for damages, cleaning, or fuel, so it's always a good idea to review the rental agreement and clarify any concerns with the rental company.

Dubai's Salik system offers a seamless driving experience across the UAE by electronically recording toll charges. As the renter or driver, you are responsible for covering these charges, which the rental company records through the RTA Salik system.

In the UAE, rental cars are equipped with essential features such as air conditioning (AC) and FM radio for a comfortable driving experience. Modern models may also include advanced amenities like Bluetooth connectivity, AUX input, USB ports for music playback and mobile charging, cruise control, reverse cameras, parking sensors, built-in navigation systems, sunroofs, power keys, and AirPlay compatibility. On request, UAEdriving may offer chargeable extras like GPS, baby or child seats to further enhance your rental experience.

All vehicles listed on the UAEdriving Portal come from reputable car rental companies and include comprehensive insurance coverage in compliance with UAE law. In case of an accident, if you are not at fault, there will be no insurance excess to pay. However, if you are found to be at fault, an insurance excess ranging from AED 1000 to AED 3000 may apply, depending on the vehicle type.

To further reduce your financial liability in the event of an accident, you have the option to add a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) to your rental contract. This insurance coverage ensures a fundamental level of protection for renters while driving in the United Arab Emirates, while the optional CDW offers added peace of mind and financial security.

CDW insurance is the short form of Collision Damage Waiver which means that you are covered if there are any accidental damages to the car in a collision, no matter who is at fault. It is important to consider getting CDW insurance if your rental car comes with a standard insurance package. However, to claim this it is necessary to get a Police Report (whichever emirate you are in). 

Comprehensive insurance covers you in case of any accidental damage to the vehicle, provided it isn’t your fault. A police report proving the same with a green or white slip must be produced for the same. This kind of insurance is included within the rental price as per RTA regulations in the UAE.

Mileage limitation refers to the maximum distance you can drive your rental car without incurring additional costs. The specific mileage limit depends on the rental duration:

For daily rentals: 250 - 300 km
For weekly rentals: 1750 - 2500 km
For monthly rentals: 2500 - 4500 km

These mileage limits are included in the rental price. UAEdriving also offers an unlimited mileage option for daily and weekly rentals at an additional cost, allowing you to drive the rental car without worrying about exceeding the set limit.

If you experience a minor accident in a rental car, ensure everyone's safety, and move your vehicle to a safe location if possible. Contact the car rental company and follow their instructions. Obtain a police report, which is mandatory in the UAE, by calling the police or using the UAE Police app. Exchange contact and insurance information with other parties involved, and document the accident scene with photos. Keep all relevant documents and information, as they may be required by the rental company or for insurance purposes. Always adhere to the rental company's policies and local laws during this process.

Driving in Dubai can be a pleasant experience if you follow the local rules and guidelines. Here are some key points to keep in mind while driving in Dubai:

  • Drive on the right side of the road and overtake from the left.
  • Always carry your valid driving license, vehicle registration, and insurance documents.
  • Adhere to the posted speed limits, which are typically in kilometers per hour (km/h). Speeding fines can be hefty.
  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles to avoid tailgating, which is strictly enforced.
  • Use your seatbelt at all times, as it is mandatory for both the driver and passengers.
  • Children under 13 years old are not allowed to sit in the front seat.
  • Using a mobile phone while driving is prohibited, except when using a hands-free device.
  • Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited, and the legal blood alcohol limit is zero. Offenders may face severe penalties, including imprisonment and deportation.
  • Be cautious at roundabouts and give way to traffic coming from your left.
  • Use your indicators when changing lanes or making turns.
  • Follow the traffic signals and signs diligently.
  • Respect local customs and traditions, such as giving priority to school buses and not using offensive gestures or language.
  • In case of an accident, follow the procedures mentioned earlier in this conversation, such as obtaining a police report.

By observing these guidelines and driving responsibly, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable driving experience in Dubai.

The above FAQs are written for those interested in hiring a car in Dubai and are gathered from various sources including our partner car rental companies. However, please ask / confirm the details with the car rental company you deal with or Dubai Road & Transport Authority (RTA) authorities for accurate answers. We will be updating this section on an ongoing basis. If you would like to suggest any additions or corrections to this section, please feel free to email us on info@uaedriving.com.

UAEdriving.com claims no responsibility regarding the authenticity and applicability of the above questions & answers and any loss that you may incur by referring to the above information.

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