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Discover Dubai: Exploring UAE by Car

Last Updated: June 01, 2019

Dubai has it all; from magnificent buildings to rejuvenating beaches. From a breathtaking night-life to exhilarating safari adventures. If there is a spot in the world truly versatile, it is Dubai. With all its glory and multifaceted landscape, it is impossible for a mere mortal, to truly discover the actual essence of Dubai on a fixed schedule or travel package.

One can only try. The best way to take a shot at this, is to get into the midst of splendid Dubai, right into the hustle and bustle of it, with a rented car and going all in. Here are some of the best reasons why you need to rent a car.

Why rent a car in Dubai?

Renting a car in Dubai offers loads of flexibility. You can go around any spot, wherever you want, anytime you want. Suddenly feel the urge to hit a luxury spa? Have midnight hunger pangs? Take your rental, and go for it.

With even a cheap rental car in Dubai, choices are limitless in Dubai. Following are some of the top places that you can roam in Dubai easily with a rental car.

Pre hotel check-in city tour: Have some spare time before checking in? Visit the grand ‘Burj Khalifa’, or the ‘Palm Jumeira’ or even the iconic ‘Burj Al Arab’.

The gold souk: A true bazaar in every sense. The famous gold souk of Dubai is a sprawling labyrinth of thousands of retailers selling very kind of jewelry that is or has ever existed in the world. It is known as the gold souk, but gold is not the only precious metal sold in this amazing marketplace.

The spice souk: No less chaotic and memorable than the gold souk, the spice souk in Dubai is a treat for the senses. Myriad colors and aromatic smells amidst Heritage city, all speak of a city steeped in tradition and endurance.

Dubai museum: Speaking of tradition and endurance, the museum of Dubai is the oldest standing building in the city, which, in addition to colorful dioramas and enlightening historic exhibits, also houses eons of Emirati stories in its quiet walls.

Dubai creek: A tranquil stretch of water that connects the sea trading port to the desert as it passes through the heart of Dubai. The calm and cool water is magical enough to make you forget all your stresses and problems.

You can revel in the beauty and forte of all these places, without the help of any local expert. All you need is a reliable rental that can whisk you away every time you wanted to.

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