6 Tips to Maintain your Rented Car during Summer

Last Updated: August 02, 2021

The summer months of July-August are harsh on cars. Since cars come in direct contact with sunlight, it needs special care and maintenance. If neglected, it can result in scratches on the car's body, evaporation of the fluid, and overheating of the vehicle.

Though car manufacturers consider the local UAE weather conditions and Government approved specifications, still it requires special care during the summer months. If not, it will suffer due to exposure to the summer heat.

Care and maintenance of the rented car should begin before the actual onset of summer. Timely maintenance of the car ensures it's safe to drive, whether for long or short journeys. Most car rentals in UAE provide free and periodic maintenance of the rented vehicle. Still, we recommended that the driver check the below tips for the utmost safety, especially during the hot weather.

Check the cooling system.

It is unimaginable to travel without an air conditioner during the summer months in the UAE. Bedsides, traveling without an air conditioner can be dangerous to your health. Thus, you should ensure that the cooling system is functioning properly.

You should check for the coolant fluid level and signs of leakage and get it rectified without delay. It would be good to thoroughly check the cooling system before the summer as the heat starts building even before the peak summer.

Check the filter.

The filter plays a vital role in capturing the debris and metal fragments, which otherwise would get mixed with the oil system. The filter and radiator fins require special attention as they should be debris-free for efficient functioning. A clean filter system ensures that more debris gets picked up and the oil remains clean.

Check the pressure on the tire.

The roads get excessively heated during the summer months, and the car tires bear their brunt. It would be best to get the car tires checked occasionally to ensure that it maintains the optimal pressure. The high temperature outside can increase the tire temperature, sometimes resulting in a blowout.

Check the level of the fluid.

The fluid inside the car acts as a lubricant and coolant and helps the different parts to function correctly. Therefore, you should check the fluid periodically to ensure that the car functions appropriately during the summer months. Fluids that require regular checks are brake fluid, power steering fluid, and motor oil.

Protect the body of the car

The car exterior comes in direct contact with sunlight. Thus, protecting the same is highly essential. Therefore, always try to park the car in the shade and not in direct sunlight.

If you are renting a car, it is more likely that you do not have covered car parking. You should cover the car with a car body cover not to get exposed to direct sunlight in such a situation. This is particularly important when a sandstorm is predicted, a common phenomenon during the UAE summer.

Check the car battery.

The battery is the car's backbone, and it requires good maintenance, particularly during the summer months. The excess heat outside can result in a chemical reaction inside the car's battery, affecting its overall lifespan. Moreover, the excess heat results in quick evaporation of the battery fluid, affecting the cable clamps and other connections. If proper care is not given to the car battery, it can result in a complete breakdown.

Bottom Line

It is always best to get the summer maintenance done before the actual onset of summer. Thus, a maintained car is ready to hit the road before the actual summer. In addition, since summer can be harsh on your rented car, regular maintenance should be done so that you do not face any issues while driving. You can also refer to our article about must-have accessories in your rental car, which will help you to make your travel more safe and comfortable.

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