Top 8 Must-have Accessories for a Rented Car

Last Updated: August 02, 2021

Most car rentals in Dubai will have cars having basic safety and comfort features like airbags, USB charging points, Bluetooth, and stereo. But it may not have any additional features to make your riding experience enjoyable.

Riding on unfamiliar roads can add a lot of stress. Besides, if you do not have the necessary accessories for safe and comfortable driving, it can add to the stress. Here are some must-have accessories you should use in a rented car to make your driving both comfortable and enjoyable.

Phone mount

Not all rented cars have GPS facilities. In the absence of GPS, you use the phone to navigate the route. If the car does not have any phone mount, you naturally keep the phone in the cupholder, which can be dangerous.

Using a phone mount ensures that the phone is always at your eye level. Thus, you can keep an eye on the road and at the same time monitor the GPS. In addition, you can considerably reduce the chances of an accident if you use a phone mount.

Multi charger

Most rental cars will have a USB charger to charge the various devices. But what if you want to charge multiple devices at the same time? A multi-charger comes in handy in such a situation. This multi charger can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket and charge your devices in no time.

Dash camera

A dash camera is a preventive tool that comes in handy while using a car on rent. It records all the footage while driving the car or when it is parked. The recording in the dash camera comes as evidence in case you get involved in an accident. You can easily mount the camera either on the dashboard or the windscreen. Owning a dash camera is not illegal in the UAE, moreover Dubai police suggest driver to install dash cams to resolve car crash disputes, but it also warns not to post any incidents on social media as this could lead to prosecution.

Air purifier

Not all rented cars will have a fresh look and feel. Though car rental companies do vacuum and clean the car after each use, some smells still linger.

To do away with those smells and provide a personal touch, you can use an air purifier. These cleaners can mask just about any smell, including food, pet, and cigarette.

Car tissue paper holder

A car tissue paper holder lets you place the tissue paper in any convenient place like the back of the seat or center armrest. Since this tissue paper holder comes with velcro elastic, you can easily stack it in place without worrying about the box falling.

Collapsible garbage bin

Disposing of the garbage is the most challenging part when you are on a road trip. A collapsible car garbage bin not only provides you with that option but also helps save space. You can hang the garbage bin in any convenient place like the back of the seat or near the air vent.


Not all rented vehicles have sunshades to block the glaring sunlight. Sunshades are particularly important when you are traveling with small children. Window sunshades are foldable and can be easily stuck on the car window with the vacuum holder.

Backseat organizer

The car backseat organizer comes in handy, especially while traveling with kids. This organizer can easily be attached to the car seat and contain a provision for storing small items like toy cars or dolls and large items like bottles. The organizer not only helps to arrange all things properly but also makes them easily traceable.

Bottom Line

While on a road trip, you must have the right accessories to ensure optimum safety and comfort. You can also refer to our packing tips for a road trip, which will help you save space and travel lighter. Proper planning ensures that your drive is comfortable, and all things required for a safe and comfortable vacation are at hand's reach.

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