Tips For Tyres Storage

Last Updated: December 03, 2022

Finding appropriate and adequate storage for tyres is a situation that people frequently encounter today. This issue occurs when a person has many sets of tyres and wants to store them for impending weather patterns. Even though most individuals in today's world are compelled to do this, it is more challenging than most people may think. Finding the ideal storage for your tyres involves much more than you think.

How To Prepare For Tyre Storage?

Ensure that tyres like Dunlop tyres, are dry and spotless. To get rid of any remnants of dust and filth, it is recommended to wash them with water and a little detergent. Avoid using a pressure washer since it could harm the tread. Instead, try using a screwdriver to pry out any tiny stones that may have been lodged in the grooves. They must be entirely dry after washing before moving on to the next stage.

Check the tyres' condition. You can see cracks or other flaws more clearly now that they're clean. If you need a new pair, we are here to help with our large selection and competitive pricing. It's also good to check the tyre pressure before putting the wheels away.

The Right Way To Keep Tyres

1) Thoroughly Clean The Tyres Before Placing Them In Storage

Before starting the treatment as a whole, this stage is crucial. Tyres gather all types of filth from daily use, including dirt, dust, road grime, and other contaminants. This damages the rubber and the tyre if left to sit on your tyres for an extended period. Therefore, getting the tyres cleaned before setting them down for extended hibernation is crucial. It is possible to accomplish this while the wheels' tyres are still attached. First, brush the tyres with soap and water to rinse any remaining dirt from their surface.

2) Seal The Bags With Airtight Closures

After cleaning the tyres, place them in airtight plastic bags. This is crucial because, during storage, the tyre should have the least amount of air in contact with it. Therefore, you may use a vacuum to remove excess air after putting the tyres in the airtight bags. This prevents the lubricating oil from evaporating during the lengthy shelf life of the tyre compounds.

3) Keep Them Vertically

As was already noted, it is typical for tyres to develop abnormalities when kept in storage for an extended time. Therefore, it's crucial to keep the tyres upright and stable throughout the long slumber to avoid this from happening and guarantee that the tyres maintain their general form and structure.

4) Avoid Hanging Them

Hanging the tyres on hooks might seem like a great solution to some people. But as was previously noted, tyres need to be maintained from deforming over the extended period of storage, and hanging them on hooks puts them under additional stress, which can cause distortion, damage, and deformation.

5) Check To See That The Environment Is Cool And Dry

As previously stated, ensure that the location where the tyres are being stored is out of the sun and has a cool climate. The longevity of the tyres depends on this. Find a place with a controlled temperature that is cool, dry, and suitable for storing tyres. A workshop or garage can be an excellent option. Avoid commonplace locations like your attic. Avoid travelling to any place with a hot, muggy atmosphere.

Tires age just as humans do. Thanks to a few suggestions, the life of your tyres will be prolonged while in storage, which will help slow the process. Remember to have a tyre expert analyse the tyres first before putting your stored tyres back onto your car.

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