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Long Term Car Rental vs. Short Term Car Rental in UAE

Staying in UAE for some time? A long term car rental is the perfect solution for you.

Getting a long term car rental in Dubai makes much more sense than a monthly car rental. This is because the public transport in cities in UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. hasn’t yet covered entire parts of the cities. In places like these, the major areas are spread across the length and breadth of the country. Thus, it can take quite some time to travel via public transport.

Some of the advantages of renting a car in Dubai for the long haul holds over short term renting are as follows:

  1. Better discounts: Long term car renters often get better and more discounts, since they pay a bigger amount due to longer duration.
  2. Better fleet: Long term renters are usually given the better lot of cars and models, since it’s a given that the renter needs a good quality car due to extended use.
  3. Closer attention: Long term renters are generally provided more attention in terms of service and rental maintenance.
  4. Payment flexibility: Long term renters enjoy a greater flexibility in payment, which is not always the case in short term renting.
  5. Flexibility in car change: Most long term car renting companies give renters the freedom to exchange your model with any other or another brand even, which does not include in the scope of short term renting.
  6. Upgrades are simpler and cheaper: If you have family visiting, you can simply upgrade to a large SUV and pay only the price difference. This is not possible with short term car renting.

With all that is said and done, we would like to add that the oil and petrol prices in the UAE are very low, compare to the rest of the world. What could be a more compelling factor?