Organizing a Corporate Tour: How to Ensure a Smooth, Memorable Trip

Providing career development activities for employees is one of the vital goals of competitive businesses. Examples of these activities are corporate tours or MICE tours, which stand for meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions. Business organizations that are dedicated to boosting their employees' performance and engagement have a lot to gain from setting one or two corporate tours a year.

According to corporate strategists, these tours provide workers something to look forward to — events that somehow serve as a break from the same old routine of their work life. That's not all; the events also present an opportunity to develop closer relations among co-workers with whom interaction may often be limited to project discussions and other workplace concerns.

It is worth noting as well that in corporate tours, a lot of discoveries are made about the attendees. You get to learn about their preferences, interests, and special skills.

It is for these reasons that companies must plan this activity meticulously. Our team at UAE Driving, one of the most reliable bus rental companies in Dubai for corporate tours, shares the following useful tips for organizing this essential activity.

Tip #1: Write down the primary goals for the activity.

Do you wish to strengthen the different teams of the company? Do you want them to learn together from a trusted expert? Or do you simply want to provide them with a break and give them time to have fun with each other?

Once you have established the core goals for the activity, it will be easier for you to look for places or events to attend where these goals can be met.

Tip #2: Select your top picks for tour destinations and get in touch with them to share the goal of your corporate tour.

Currently, there are a lot of venues across the UAE designed for corporate activities. Take your pick from all of them based on the following variables:

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Activities offered that meet your goals

Once you have narrowed down your options, call your top picks and express the goal of your corporate tour. Quite often, doing so inspires venues to provide something that will accurately target your goals. It's always a good idea to inform them of what you need because you offer them the opportunity to become a better service provider.

Tip #3: Get rid of all factors that present the possibility of disengagement.

When you're organizing a corporate tour, it's crucial to consider the reasons why some employees may decide not to join. These may include mobility issues, an unappealing program, or sheer disinterest and inclination to join.

Tip #4: Address the factors behind disengagement.

After identifying all the variables behind disengagement, brainstorm solutions to address them effectively. For example, if there are members of the organization with mobility issues and only feel great discomfort when joining corporate tours, one of the best solutions is to choose your mode of transportation carefully.

Check out vehicle rental companies and their entire fleet. See which of their vehicles are the most comfortable and equipped with mobility solutions, such as ramps for employees that go around in a wheelchair, or plush seats for those with a bad back.

Do the same for buildings that you will be visiting for the tour; see if they are built with conveniences for people who have mobility constraints. Choose and book the options that solve concerns.

You should also consider renting different kinds of vehicles for the tour, especially if there are people who don't like riding buses because they find a big vehicle quite shaky. Perhaps, they can avoid motion sickness better riding a van or a car. And lastly, do not forget to bring a first-aid kit that has medicine for typical discomforts during tours such as headache, stomach trouble, motion sickness, and nausea.

Tip #5: Plan your stops.

Long distances should always be cut short with a stop at roadside stations or any place where people can stretch, breathe in fresh air, and visit restrooms. Stops should be included in the program, especially if the vehicles rented for the event do not come with lavatories.

Remember, people need to go to the restroom anywhere between four to 12 times a day. You need to accommodate this, or you'll be dealing with anxious, grumpy, and fidgety people for the tour.

Tip #6: Provide entertainment.

This is seriously crucial if you want to place everyone in a positive disposition for the event. If the majority of the employees will be riding the bus, you may want to come up with a program to get them excited about the different destinations.

Consider a game of Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit during the long drive. Or, how about hosting an open mic or karaoke party on the bus? These entertaining activities are easy enough to work into the tour program, especially if the bus is equipped with any entertainment system.

The fun you'll have with these entertainment activities can make the corporate tour truly memorable.

Those are our proven effective tips for organizing a company trip or corporate tour. As a trusted car rental services provider, we have been a part of countless corporate trips and are quite familiar with the variables that make such an event successful. If you need to rent vehicles for your company trip, get in touch with us at UAE Driving today.

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