Things to Remember For Yearly Car Rental in Dubai

Dubai, known as “Tourist Paradise” is equipped by some real amazing places in each corner of the city. One gets to enjoy shopping at Dubai Mall, experience skyscraper-filled skyline at Burj Khalifa, feel lavishness in hospitality at Burj-Al-Arab, and soak in sunlight at The Walk in Palm Jumeirah.  Since all the attractions are situated at distant corner of Emirates, you should definitely prefer a rented vehicle for easy commuting and widen your reach.

These rented vehicles are easily available in Dubai and that’s because of companies associated in this business vertical. But you must remember a few things before putting your hard-earned money with these rental agencies. Let’s discuss the key points now:

Here are some important tips you must remember before hiring your vehicle in Dubai

  1. Don’t forget performa research before choosing anyone from available list of car rental services in Dubai. It’s better to browse internet and prepare a list of companies offering this services within your budget. Check forthe reviews of every company; consult your friends and colleagues before proceeding for bookings.
  2. Try to calculate your requirements; number of family members, budget, and purpose before choosing a rented vehicle.
  1. Make sure to inspect the rented vehicle properly for any kind of scratch or dents and get it documented on the contract before driving it off.

  2. Get ensured about mileage cap as it’s chargeable by few, however, most of the car leasing companies in Dubai offer unlimited mileage cap. So read the contract thoroughly to checkimposed mileage limitations and decide accordingly.

  3. Make sure to cross-check pricing policy -whether it’s based on number of days or total kilometers driven and type of fuel policy applicable on you. There are 3 types of fuel policies offered – Full-to-Full, Full-to-Empty, and Empty-to-Empty. Just choose for “full-to-full” policy to avoid any inconvenience in future.


Are you still confused about how to rent a vehicle in Dubai? Just visit UAEdriving.com to contact our team directly and we’ll help you to choose the best deals from trusted companies because having proper knowledge will definitely ensure you for an amazing tour experience.

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