Things to Know About Vehicle Testing in Dubai

Last Updated: August 17, 2021

If you own a vehicle in Dubai, the vehicle must be roadworthy. Whether you want to sell the vehicle in the future or renew the vehicle's registration, you should prove its roadworthiness. It's in line with the strategic vision of the Emirate, i.e., “safer vehicle”.

Vehicle testing is the method adopted to check the roadworthiness of the vehicle. Once your vehicle successfully passes the test, you can renew your car registration online in Dubai or sell it as per your choice.

Is vehicle inspection required in Dubai?

Vehicle testing is a mandatory requirement in Dubai. Vehicle tests are undertaken at respective frequencies to ensure that they are roadworthy. The vehicles over a three-year-old period are mandatory required to be tested any of the RTA approved  vehicle testing centres.

Once a vehicle passes the test, it is proof that the vehicle is fit for UAE Road.

Where is vehicle testing done in Dubai?

There are designated vehicle testing centres in Dubai where you can get the vehicle tested. A few of the famous vehicle testing centres are


Tasjeel is a vehicle testing centre that is jointly opened by the Dubai police and ENOC. This testing centre offers comprehensive tests, chassis checking tests, Dubai municipality tests, trailer tests, fleet tests and wheel alignment tests.


Tamam is a testing centre holding license from the Dubai RTA. Tamam offers to test light and heavy motor vehicles, motorcycles and buses. Their services include on-site inspection, chassis number punching and trailer testing.

Emarat Shamil

This testing centre offers a range of services in collaboration with RTA and the Ministry of Interiors. The primary services offered by Shamil includes vehicle testing, vehicle registration and renewal, insurance and international driving license.


Wasel has two testing centres that offer light-vehicle renewal tests, registration tests and export tests.


Mumayaz has two testing centres. The one at Al Mihzar offers light-vehicle renewal tests, registration tests and export tests. The centre at Al Humriyah offers light-vehicle export tests.


Shirawi has only one testing centre authorised by RTA. This centre offers heavy-vehicle renewal tests, registration tests and export tests.

What are the different types of vehicle testing?

The below are the different types of tests conducted for vehicles in Dubai.

New registration test

This test is conducted before registering a vehicle purchased from a non-authorised agency in the UAE. Re-registering the vehicle or transferring the vehicle ownership also calls for this test.

Periodic vehicle test

This test is done periodically at the time of renewing the registration of the vehicle. The periodic vehicle test includes checking the safety of the vehicle, its roadworthiness, and exhaust emission.

Defect test

This test is done when a defect is found in the vehicle on roadside inspection. Remote detection of defects also calls for this test.

Export test

This test is done before exporting a vehicle outside the UAE. This test involves capturing the vehicle identification data and details of the chassis and engine.

If the vehicle fails in any of the above tests, a re-test may also be conducted.

How much is vehicle testing in Dubai?

The fee for vehicle testing varies depending on the type of test and vehicle.

Light vehicles

For a periodic vehicle test and new vehicle registration, the amount is AED 120. For the first re-test, the fee is AED 35, and for the export test, the amount is AED 25.

Heavy vehicles

For a periodic vehicle test and a new vehicle test, the amount is AED 150. For the first re-test, the fee is AED 50, and for the export test, the fee comes to AED 25.

What is RTA comprehensive test?

RTA comprehensive test is done before a vehicle is sold or purchased. In this test, the vehicle is thoroughly inspected and is followed by a road test. This ensures that the vehicle is safe to drive. If there is any defect in the vehicle, the same is communicated to the owner. This enables them to take corrective actions before the vehicle is sold.

Can I test the Dubai vehicle in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, it is possible to test Dubai vehicles in Abu Dhabi.

When you test a Dubai vehicle for the first time for registration and licensing purpose, it should be done in Dubai itself. You can do all subsequent testing in any of the authorised testing centres in the country.

What are the documents required for testing?

You should bring the below documents with you while getting the vehicle tested

  • Owner's residence visa, passport, and Emirates id.

  • Vehicle registration card.

  • Insurance documents.

What is the procedure for testing the vehicle?

You can get the vehicle testing done in any of the authorised testing centres near you. First, you should clear all traffic fines before taking the vehicle for testing. The vehicle should be clean and not have any advertisements or stickers pasted on it. The fire extinguisher, safety triangle and spare wheel should be clearly visible.

You should then hand over the vehicle along with the necessary documents to the testing centre. Depending on the type of vehicle and testing, you should also pay the prescribed fee.

Once the testing is over, a new registration card along with a date sticker will be issued. It would be best if you pasted the date sticker on the rear license plate.

If the vehicle fails the test by any chance, it should be repaired and submitted for re-test within 31 days. Retesting can be done in any vehicle testing centre of the same company where you have done the initial test.

If you receive a wrong test result by any chance, you can approach the RTA through the call centre or email. An RTA team will contact you to verify the details, and they will intimate a response within five working days.

The above procedure applies to all types of vehicles, including car rental vehicles. If you opt for car hire in Dubai, then the rental agency will take care of vehicle testing as per requirement. During vehicle testing of your vehicle, they will provide you with a replacement vehicle.

What Is the validity of the test?

Once the test is completed, it is valid for 30 days. You should complete all the transactions within this validity period.

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