Things To Know About the UAE Flag

The UAE national flag is a source of pride not only for the Emiratis but also for the expats. With its beautiful colours and simple yet unique design, the flag brings about a sense of respect and admiration for all. 

But have you ever wondered what the flag of UAE is all about and what it represents? Let us have a look at the meaning and significance of the UAE flag.

What Is the History of The UAE Flag?

From the 1800s to 1892, the various Emirates of the UAE were Trucial states under the British Government. Each state was governed by Sheikhs who signed a protective treaty with the British Government. A red and white tri-band flag with seven-pointed stars was used to represent the trucial states. 


Flag of the Trucial States Council (1968–1971)

In 1971, the truce was abolished, and six Emirates were formed in its place. The Emirate of Ras Al Khaima was formed in 1972. During this period, the Pan-Arab colors of red, green, white, and black were used to form a new flag, the present-day UAE national flag.

On 2nd December 1971, the United Arab Emirates is formed, the UAE flag was also first unveiled on this day. A 19-year-old Emirati teenager, Abdullah Mohammed Al Maainah, is the designer of the UAE flag. He, later, became the UAE ambassador to countries like the Czech Republic, South Korea, and Chile.


Flag of the United Arab Emirates from 2 December 1971

What does the United Arab Emirates Flag Colours represent?

The UAE national flag comprises of Pan-Arab colours that are common to all Arab countries. Each of these colours represents the various Arab families and caliphates. For example, while the red colour represents Hashemties, the white represents the Umayyad caliphate. Likewise, the Fatimid caliphate is represented by green and Abbaside Caliphate by black. These four colours are also found in all national, social, cultural, and sports events. 

The UAE national flag is symmetrically designed with green, white, and black horizontal stripes towards the right and red in a vertical stripe towards the left. 

Each colour of the national flag has its own significance. 


The red colour of the flag runs vertically on the left side of the UAE flag, close to the pole. This colour represents bravery, strength, and courage and forms 1/4th of the length of the flag. This colour stands for the ability to fight for and defend what is right and shows the sacrifice made by the previous generation for laying the foundation of the country. 


The green colour of the flag is the first on the right and comes on top of the horizontal lines. This colour stands for joy, hope, and love. It also presents the colours of Islam - the official religion of the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the natural resources of the country, especially the agricultural heritage, are represented by the green colour. 


The white colour of the flag comes next to the green in the horizontal stripe. It is considered the colour of purity, representing cleanliness, peace, and honesty. It is more a counterbalancing colour between courageous red and black. 


Black is the last colour in the horizontal stripe. It is the colour of mental strength. It stands for defeating of enemies and complements the red colour on the flag. 

What Is the Dimension of The UAE Flag?

The UAE flag is a rectangular flag, with the length being twice the width. The entire flag is divided into four parts, the red part on the side form 1/4th the length of the UAE flag. The rest of the flag is divided equally into three horizontal stripes. 

What Is the Significance of The United Arab Emirates Flag?

The UAE national flag holds a special place in the heart of Emiratis. It portraits the image of the country to the rest of the world. Since the United Arab Emirates flag has Pan-Arabic colours, it stands for the unity and integrity of the Islamic world. It is a symbol of pride and patriotism which makes the country stand out from the rest. 

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