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How to Protect Your Rental Car During Your Trip

A car rental service is one provision that offers unparalleled convenience for today's avid travelers. For example, if you’ll be traveling to the UAE soon, you can include contacting one of the top car rental companies in Dubai in your plans. That way, the moment you land, you can get into a private car and head straight to wherever you need to go (provided, of course that you have an international driving permit).

Of course, regardless of where in the world you are traveling, renting a car for your comfort and convenience does come with some risks. You will be responsible for driving with care and returning the vehicle to the rental company in the same excellent condition that you received it. Part of this task is protecting the car from being a target for thieves during your trip. Generally, rental cars with untinted windows are common targets, particularly because they can reveal the car’s contents to people who may be intending to steal things.

As such, if you are on a trip and exploring your destination on a rented vehicle and it’s clearly visible that there are bags and other things in the backseat, thieves can conclude that the vehicle holds something of great value. They can then simply wait for you to leave the vehicle unattended so they can put their criminal plan into action.

7 Tips for Protecting Your Car Rental From Thieves

There are ways to manage such a risk so that you will be able to protect not just your belongings, but yourself and the vehicle you have rented as well. Here are seven tips to keep in mind:

1. Opt for a rental car that doesn't look like one.

Reports reveal that the rental cars which quickly catch the eye of car thieves are those that come with brand stickers. The stickers are a dead giveaway that the person driving the vehicle is not a local. That being said, it is certainly much safer to choose a rental car that doesn't actually look like a rental.

2. Choose a vehicle with tinted windows.

Tinted vehicles are much harder for car burglars to inspect. Trying to see what's inside and how to break in would look more suspicious because of the low visibility from the outside.

3.  Avoid giving away signs that you're not a local.

Put away maps, tour leaflets or brochures and other paraphernalia clearly intended for tourists while you drive around and make stops throughout the trip. Like car rental stickers, these are easy indicators that the car is a rental and you are not a local.

4. Park in more crowded locations.

It's always better to park in crowded areas because your rental car will not stand out so much. Plus, it will be a less accessible and more difficult target for burglars.

Likewise, conduct a background check on specific locations. You can find information online on local spots where a lot of car break-ins take place. By doing this, you can choose safer areas to park your rented vehicle.

5. Avoid leaving valuables in the car.

It may seem like a hassle to bring your laptop, camera, and other electronic devices with you for a quick stop at a convenience store or restroom, but do so anyway. It would be best if you always kept valuables on you at all times. This way, you won't lose items that are expensive to replace.

6. If you need to leave valuables in the car, hide them very well.

The best thing to do is to keep these possessions out of sight. If there are secret compartments in the car, place your pricey belongings there. If there aren't any, use the space under the seats.

Make sure to push your valuables all the way back into the crevices, so prying eyes won't find them easily. Likewise, hide them all discreetly while you are inside the car. If there are eyes fixed on you, you don't want them to know where you're storing items based on your movements.

7. Don't hide anything in the glove compartment.

The glove compartment is often the first place car burglars check when they break in. If you keep it open, it will already indicate that you have taken with you anything that's of value. Most of the time, this will prompt them to give up the search for something to steal.

Safe Travels with Your Rented Vehicle

All the tips shared above require some extra effort on your part. However, they are worth it because you can trust them to work effectively in creating much safer trips for you with your rented vehicle.

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