Packing Tips for a Road Trip in a Rented Car

Last Updated: July 30, 2021

Whether you are going for a beach vacation to Fujairah or a trip from Dubai to Oman by road. Traveling by car is always adventurous and enjoyable. One of the main reasons why most of us enjoy a road trip is because of the flexibility it offers. You can pack whatever and how much ever you want without worrying about the weight. Besides, you can pack things the way you want, which may not be possible on a bus or flight.

However, there are specific packing tips that help you save space and travel lighter. 

Use duffel bag

It is best to avoid hard case suitcases when you are on a road trip. Instead, opt for duffel bags or backpacks that are flexible and quickly loaded on the back of the car. 

Pack eatables separately

If you are traveling with kids, you need to stock up on many snacks and drinks to keep them engaged. Always carry a separate bag for eatables so that you can easily take out the things you want. Suppose you plan to carry fruits for snacking, peel, and cut them into bite-size pieces so that you can easily have them on the way. Ziplock pouches come in handy for storing eatables. 

Get a GPS unit

If the car you are renting does not have a GPS unit, remember to get one for rent. This unit comes in handy when you are going through unfamiliar roads. You can also make use of various apps on your phone for navigating the route. But, again, remember to download and keep everything ready before you start the trip. 

Pack chargers 

Whether you are going for a single-day trip or a week's vacation, chargers are a must-have. You can also carry a power bank with full power on, in case you need it. Some old models of cars may not have the facility to charge phones and gadgets. Power banks come in handy in such a situation. If you have kids traveling along, you might require a tablet or extra phone to keep them engaged. Having a power bank ensures that your gadgets have the necessary power all the time. 

Check the first aid kit .

Check your first aid kit stock; it is always best to recheck it before starting the travel. The first aid kit should have essential medicines like antacid, paracetamol, and antihistamine tablets. Besides, it should also have bandages, sterile gauze, scissors, thermometer, and cream for cuts and burns. 

Check the car emergency kit

If you take an off-road trip and face an emergency breakdown of the car, you should have the essential car emergency items in place. It includes the car jack, jumper cable, puncture repair kit, and LED torchlight. Unfortunately, most of the rental cars will not come standard with all these car emergency items. Hence, it suggested checking with your car rental agency regarding the availability. All cars listed on the UAEdriving portal come with 24*7 roadside assistance; hence, you can directly reach our support line for any assistance in case of any emergency.

Pack cleanup essentials

Spills and stains are pretty common while on a road trip. Always carry antibacterial wipes to clean the dirt off your hands before having food. Similarly, stock up on paper towels to wipe off any accidental spills that occur. It would be best to carry a trash bag to store all the soiled wipes and towels. 

What Are the Items You Should Avoid Packing On A Road Trip?

When you are on a road trip, it is best to avoid the below items.

Hardcover suitcase 

As mentioned above, it is best to carry a duffel bag or backpack as you can store it easily on the car's trunk. 

Clothes and shoes 

Mix and match is the best way to dress when you are on a road trip. You can opt for one pair of shoes that you can use with all dresses.  

Food containers

It is best to carry food items in ziplock pouches as food containers take more space. You can reuse the pouch or dispose of it after use. 

Large toys 

If you are traveling with kids, they might insist on carrying large toys, especially soft toys. But it is best to avoid the same as it takes a lot of space. So instead, you can carry small dolls or cars. 

Bottom Line

Packing the right things and avoiding what is not required is the key to a successful road trip. It ensures that you have all the necessary things to handle any situation you might encounter while on the road. Check out the top 6 spectacular spots in UAE to drive through with your rental car

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