How to Dispute a Traffic Fine in Dubai?

Last Updated: July 19, 2021

Dubai is a city with stringent traffic rules. Therefore, all those who have a license and drive are expected to know and follow the traffic rules. Strict rules are to ensure that the accidents are minimum and driving on the roads is safe. If you met with an accident, you could refer to this article to give you complete insights on how to handle an accident in Dubai

Violating traffic rules in Dubai calls for a high amount as a penalty. Some even result in vehicle confiscation and black points.

Which are the Major Traffic Fines in Dubai?

The Dubai Police Authority has put forward a list of major traffic offenses and the fine to be paid for the same. 

  • AED 3000 fine

Driving a heavy vehicle in a manner that causes danger to the driver’s and other’s life, or damage to public or private property will attract AED 3000 as a fine. Similarly, if a heavy vehicle jumps a red signal or causes the vehicle or another vehicle to overturn, it will attract a penalty of AED 3000. 

  • AED 2000 fine + 23 black points + 60 days vehicle confiscation

The above penalty is applicable if the driver drives in a way that endangers his life as well as the life of others. This applies to both rented vehicles and own vehicles. 

  • AED 1000 fine

If a vehicle enters from a prohibited place or if a light car or motorbike jumps the red signal it will attract AED 1000 as fine. 

  • AED 500 fine

Driving a vehicle that does not comply with safety standards or is unfit for driving will attract AED 500 as a fine. In addition, reversing a vehicle dangerously or failure to stop after a light accident will also attract AED 500 as a fine. 

  • AED 400 fine

Allowing a child below ten years to sit in the front seat or allowing a child below 4 to sit without a car seat will attract AED 400 as fine. Similarly, failure of the passenger to fasten the seat belt or failure to leave safety distance while driving will also attract AED 400 as fine. 

How To Contest a Traffic Fine in Dubai?

The traffic management system in Dubai is highly efficient. But sometimes, it can so happen that a wrong traffic fine is levied on you due to a faulty machine or some miscommunication. If you feel that a fine is wrongly levied, you can contest a traffic fine. But you should have sufficient proof to claim that the fine was erroneously charged. 

  • Filing the complaint.

If you are the vehicle driver, you can visit the General Directorate of Traffic headquarters to file a complaint. You can also raise a complaint by calling +971-4-606-3555 but a written complaint should follow it. 

Alternatively, you can also log an online complaint by visiting the official Dubai Police website, the RTA website or the Ministry of Interior website. You should provide relevant information like the fine number or your vehicle number while contesting the fine. 

  • Evaluating the case. 

Once the complaint is lodged, a special committee will be formed to evaluate the case. This committee includes six government officials, two traffic control officers, a fine officer, a Deputy general of the traffic department, a legal affairs representative. 

The above committee will resolve the case within five days. If the case is favorable to you, the fine amount would be waived off. But if it is not favorable to you, you can approach the traffic prosecution department. 

  • Approaching the traffic prosecution.

If you strongly believe that you are not at fault, you can approach the traffic prosecution department. You should obtain permission from the public prosecutor to transfer your case to the court. Then, on the date specified by the court, you should present the evidence in your favor. The court, after considering the evidence, will give the final verdict. 

Before you file a dispute with the court, it is crucial that you clearly understand the latest traffic rules. Sometimes it can so happen that you are unaware of the rule because of which you disputed the traffic fine. 

What happens if I get a fine while hiring a rental car?

At UAEdriving, we want you to have the best car rental experience, so we do everything to ensure you have a stress-free time. However, if you get a traffic fine, then you are personally responsible for paying the fine at your next billing cycle or when you return your car. In addition, you will also be charged an admin fee by the car rental agency, if the fine needs to be handled by them. So, it's suggested that you check the traffic violation by yourself and pay them directly to save on admin charges from the car rental company.

How long does it take for a traffic fine to come in Dubai?

Dubai roads are continuously monitored by radar for traffic violations. If a new radar captures the violation, the fine will show up from 24 hours to three days. On the other hand, if an old radar captures the violation, the fine will be reflected on the Dubai police website in one week to ten days. 

Can I exit UAE with pending traffic fines?

If you are an expatriate with pending traffic fine, you will not be allowed to leave the country unless you pay the fine. The expatriate visa will be linked to the fine, and unless you pay the fine, your visa cannot be canceled. 

In due course, this rule will expand to cover all financial obligations of the expatriate. 

How do I complain about the RTA?

If you have any complaints about RTA or any of its services, you can do so directly, through email, contact centre, or social media. 

  • Direct complain

You can get in touch with the service centre manager at RTA and raise your complaint. The manager will then take the necessary action to resolve the problem. 

  • Contact centre

To lodge a complaint, you can call the call centre at 8009090. Normally it takes seven working days to solve the grievance. Once the grievance is resolved, you will get a message from the call centre. 

  • Email

Complaints can be sent to the RTA via the email id The complaints will usually be resolved within 3 working days. 

  • Social media

To lodge a complaint via social media, visit the contact us page of the RTA website. You will find the social media icons of RTA. You can then connect with RTA through one of the social media. The problem usually gets resolved within three working days. 

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