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5 Factors to Consider When Renting a Car During a Business Trip

Completing your work itinerary and finding time to relax and see the local sights is something that you will always aim for when you are on a business trip. Whether it’s your first time to visit a certain country or you are already a frequent visitor, getting the most from your travel is a must.

Having your own set of wheels can help you do all the work you set out to do during your business trip. Since you won’t need to wait long to ride a cab or catch the hourly bus or train, you will arrive at your meetings, or wherever you are headed, on time.

This is possible whenever you go out with a car rental in Dubai. Aside from skipping the long waiting times, you can take faster routes and avoid places with heavy traffic when you drive your own vehicle.

You can even squeeze in visiting one or two tourist spots during your breaks and before or after your work when you rent a car.

How to Rent the Right Car for Your Next Business Trip

Experiencing all the benefits and perks of having your own car for the duration of your visit to a foreign country depends greatly on how well you prepared for and handled the renting process.

If you want to find the right vehicle and enjoy using it throughout your business trip, consider these factors when renting a car:

1. Driver eligibility and requirements

Different countries have different requirements regarding the driver’s age and experience.

Some countries allow foreign drivers over the age of 21 to rent a car; for others, the minimum age is 23. Some rental companies in certain cities require an additional deposit for individuals younger than 23 years old. 

To ensure you can rent a car in your destination, find out first if your age allows you to do so. Additionally, research what documents you need to show or submit to the rental agency.

In most cases, you need to show your passport and local driver’s license. However, some countries require foreign drivers to have an international permit.

Make sure you have all the requirements when you go on your trip to have a smooth transaction with the rental agency.

2. Car options

The level of comfort and convenience you will experience with your rented car will also depend on the type or model you hire. It would work to your advantage to find a rental company that has a variety of vehicles you can choose from.

If you are used to and feel safe and comfortable driving a car from a particular manufacturer, find out which rental agencies have these vehicles. Additionally, consider other factors as well when thinking about which car to rent.

For instance, if you want to make a good impression on potential clients or investors during your visit to the UAE, you may want to consider a luxury car rental in Dubai. You may even want to rent one with a chauffeur if you really want to make a splash.

In case you will be traveling with one or two companions, hire a vehicle with plenty of seating and spacious legroom so that everyone will be comfortable in the car. More importantly, make sure its trunk has enough space for all luggage.

3. Rental agreement

Whether you have already decided which car rental agency to go with or you will only be choosing once you have landed at your destination, you can make a smart decision by reading their contract beforehand.

Reputable car rental agencies post their agreements on their website or send these by email to customers who ask for it. Because of this, you can read the document beforehand and understand what you will get from their service.

Pay close attention to what the total fees cover and which ones you have to pay extra for. Additionally, check for any limitations. The agreement usually states where you can drive the vehicle.

Lastly, read the fine print carefully. This may include conditions regarding the maximum mileage, penalties, and other additional charges.

4. Coverage

To have peace of mind as you drive around, find out the extent of your coverage, if you already have insurance, regarding car rental. 

Read the coverage details of your travel insurance or any plan you have now and check if they cover hired vehicles. If not, you will need to have something added to your policy, or get a new one from the car rental agency.

Collision, theft, and third-party liability are the three most common types of vehicle rental insurance. It would be best to get all three if you are staying for a long time in a particular country.

However, whether you decide to get all three or only one or two, make sure to read the fine print on the rental coverage plan. This is because some plans do not cover everything you would expect, particularly if you are at fault during an accident.

5. Rental price

Lastly, avoid signing any agreement until you have understood everything the rental covers and what it doesn’t.

If you chose to get insurance from the car rental agency, make sure the total fee covers this. Additionally, it should also include initial fuel, drop off or delivery and pickup charges, and the deposit or holding fee, which you will get back when you return the vehicle in the same condition.

The rental agreement should provide the breakdown of the fee. When reading the document, be on the lookout for any other charges that you may have to pay to avoid being surprised later on.

By keeping all these factors in mind, aside from hiring the most suitable vehicle for your business trip, you will also have peace of mind and get more from your rental.

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