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Figuring out whether it is good to rent or lease

Figuring out whether it is good to rent or lease – or even pay per kilometre – is sufficient to make your head spin in the UAE. But for the country where maintenance and servicing costs are much high, this new concept of car rentals is often seen as an easier option.

This is considered as a great option as the car rental companies in the UAE offer value for money rental/leasing packages with a wide range of vehicles. Due to the presence of these companies across various locations, they offer most convenient and accessible experience with unmatched fleet quality.

Leasing vehicles from UAE’s leading car rental and leasing portal at all times will remain an attractive alternative over buying the vehicles, because leasing offers a way out to zero investment, complete insurance and maintenance package and customer remains protected to the resale price risk of the vehicle.

Let us break down all the car leasing options –

          Short Term Lease – This type of leasing is good for those who want to rent a car for a shorter or limited period of time like for few months. Maybe you are moving to a new city where buying a car is impractical? Or the car you want isn’t on the market yet or may be your current auto lease is up. Whatever be the reason, a short-term-car lease offers significant benefits like low rates, no paperwork, flexible duration, less vehicle maintenance and many more.


         Long Term Lease – Long term lease on other hand is considered as the one that extends longer than 24 to 36 months, and can last for as long as 5 years. Further, one will find it easier to negotiate lower monthly payments, if he/she extend lease out a few months or even an extra year or longer. Long-term car rental is considered perfect for cases such as for extensive trips, project-based seasonal work etc.

What terms are usually included in a car leasing/rental agreement –

  •         Insurance of the vehicle
  •         Roadside assistance
  •          Breakdowns and recovery
  •          Replacement vehicle
  •          Servicing and maintenance

So to gain huge number of benefits and to get customized leasing plans, lease a brand new vehicle of your favourite model or colour from the UAE's number 1 car rental and leasing company and enjoy a professional fleet management, combined with fixed cost budgeting that frees up time and resources and offers world-class quality and service.