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Experience Sizzling Nightlife in Dubai like Never Before!

From the sky scrapers, rooftop bars, to beach clubs and fancy floors Dubai’s nightlife is quite possibly among the most exciting experiences out there. Dubai nightlife has a bit of everything and has much to offer in terms of late night entertainment and the emirate regularly hosts some of the most popular club nights and DJs from around the globe.

With lights bouncing off the designer facades of the sky-high buildings on either sides of the road, Dubai’s nights truly have a life of their own. Have a look at these must to do things to experience the very best of this bustling metro pole.


1. Midnight Shawarma:-


While experiencing the sizzling nightlife in Dubai, the journey is not complete without a Shawarma. One can enjoy these delicious meat wraps till the wee hours of the morning served by the Lebanese restaurants near the sidewalks. The best known places to taste this popular dish in Dubai are - roos Damascus and Al Shami Restaurant (Al Muraqqabat Road, Deira), Al Mallah (Satwa), Reem al Bawadi (Jumeirah Road) among others.


2. Go For A Relaxing Drive Through The City:-


Given the street lights, superb roads, and organized traffic, driving in beautiful Dubai is like a dream! These late night drives through the city gives a real joy and a dazzling view to look at. Right across this lively atmosphere, you can also enjoy good-old “masala chai” from famous cafés to make your drive more enjoying.


3. Club – Hopping:-


Night clubs in Dubai are truly fabulous and attract visitors from all over the world. With large screens for game nights, boasts of a classy setting and fabulous music, Dubai clubs are the favourite place for the people to spend their nights on weekdays and weekend.


4. Quiet Sheesha Lounges:-


Even though Dubai is known for its rocking night clubs and spectacular views, enjoying your evening at Sheesha lounges is also a good option. By trying countless flavours and sizes of Sheesha one can enjoy video games, board games, pool tables on lounge chairs for a relaxed evening with friends. This type of night-out is thoroughly entertaining especially when you are in a good company.


5. Walk Along The Marina:-


Dubai Marina is one of the world’s most luxurious waterfront communities. This beautiful waterfront lined with boats, luxury yachts and speedboats is a truly breathtaking way to sample Dubai nightlife. The cafes alongside the walkway are buzzed with various activities and people can enjoy the scenic view of lights from the towering skyscrapers beautifully reflected on the clear waters.

Whether it is a day or night, you will find something to do at all hours in Dubai. Don’t wait anymore plan your trip to this extremely beautiful place and enjoy this city’s nightlife to the fullest.