Know All About Abu Dhabi Toll Gate: Comprehensive Guide

Last Updated: July 10, 2021

The Emirates of Abu Dhabi started the toll gate system on 2nd January 2021. The main aim of the toll gate system is to reduce traffic congestion on the roads and encourage more people to use the public transport system.

Toll gates in Abu Dhabi, called DARB toll gates, are located in the four bridges leading to the city. They are Sheikh Zayed bridge, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed bridge, Al Maqtaa bridge, and Mussafah bridge.


How do I register my toll in Abu Dhabi?

There are two ways you can register for paying the toll

For Individuals

Before you start registering in DARB, you should have the below documents in hand

  • Emirates ID

  • Your phone number and email id.

  • Vehicle detail

  • Credit/Debit card for making payment.

Here are the steps to follow to register under this facility.

  1. Download the DARB mobile app or visit the DARB website.

  2. In the create new account section, select the service type as “individual.”

  3. Enter an active email address.

  4. You will receive an OTP at the email address. Enter the same.

  5. Select the Emirate where your vehicle is registered.

  6. Enter the traffic code number.

  7. Select the registered mobile number.

  8. Enter the OTP that you get on your mobile.

  9. Enter your desired password and confirm it.

  10. Now the registration is complete.

For commercial vehicles

The below documents are required for registering commercial vehicles.

Copy of the trade license, if any.

  • A stamped and signed letter of the company with the email id, mobile number, details of company representative, and Traffic code number.

  • A list of the vehicles you wish to activate the system, including the license plate number, color, source, and category.

The steps for registering under the facility are as follows

  1. Visit the DARB website or app.

  2. Create an account, selecting the service type as “Establishment.”

  3. Enter the email id. You will receive an OTP.

  4. Enter the OTP and submit.

  5. Select the Emirate where the vehicle is registered.

  6. Enter the traffic code number found in the vehicle registration card.

  7. Select the registered phone number.

  8. Enter the OTP sent to the number.

  9. Set the desired password and confirm.

  10. Your registration is complete.

Do I need to register for the Abu Dhabi toll gate?

It is mandatory for all vehicles to be registered under the Abu Dhabi toll gate system. If a vehicle without registration passes through the toll gate, they have a grace period of ten working days for registration.

If the vehicle owner fails to register within the stipulated time, a fine will be levied on a daily basis.

In case you are renting a vehicle, then it’s the duty of your Abu Dhabi car rental company to register their vehicles under the Abu Dhabi toll gate system prior to allocating vehicles to you.

How do I pay tolls in Abu Dhabi?

When you create an account with DARB, you should pay AED 50 credit to the account. Every time you pass the toll gate the sensor will automatically detect your license plate. An amount of AED 4 will be deducted from the credit as a toll.

Toll amount is charged only during the peak hours ie Sat - Thu 7 am-9 am and 5 pm-7 pm.

No toll is collected outside this time frame as well as on Fridays and public holidays. You can use one DARB account for paying the toll for multiple vehicles. But you should have sufficient funds in the account for paying the fine.

How much is the toll amount in Abu Dhabi?

The toll amount in Abu Dhabi is AED 4, which is deducted every time you pass through the toll gate.

But exemption to the toll is given to people in the below category

  • Senior or retired Emiratis and Emiratis with limited income.

  • People of determination

The above category of people will be automatically exempted if their vehicle is registered in Abu Dhabi. For vehicles registered in other Emirates, you should log in to your account to claim the exemption/

Is Salik applicable in Abu Dhabi?

Salik tag is required when you travel in Dubai. The Dubai Salik tag will not work in Abu Dhabi. Vehicles registered in Dubai should also register for the new Abu Dhabi toll system.

In Abu Dhabi, the toll is collected using sophisticated number plate recognition technology.

How can I get the Salik tag in Abu Dhabi?

Salik tag is applicable only in Dubai. Thus, the tag is required only when you travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

You can purchase the Salik tag online or through any of the petrol stations. Once you purchase the tag, you should stick it to the windshield of the car. Every time you pass a toll gate in Dubai, a toll of AED 4 will be charged to the tag.

If you pass a toll gate without the Salik tag or without sufficient funds in the Salik tag, it will attract a penalty.

How much is the fine for Salik in Abu Dhabi?

The fine for Salik which is correctly known as road toll in Abu Dhabi will accumulate daily. The fine is as below.

Day 1: AED 100

Day 2: AED 200

Day 3: AED 300

Day 4: AED 400 up to a maximum of AED 10,000.

If a motorist crosses the toll gate without sufficient funds in their DARB account, a fine of AED 50 per day will be levied. A grace period of five days is provided to pay the balance amount with a fine.

Besides the above, the below fines are also levied.

  • Tampering of license plate - AED 10,000

  • Damaging e-payment machine or toll gate - AED 10,000

Bottom Line

Paying toll at the Abu Dhabi toll gate is a mandatory requirement for all residents. Once you purchase a car, you should immediately register it with the DARB account. Failure to do so will attract a good amount of penalty. Similarly, if there is insufficient funds in the DARB account, it can also attract a good amount as a penalty. Thus, being responsible residents, you should get the DARB registration done as soon as possible.

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Bashir ahmad 30 May 23

Today I crossed the Abu Dhabi toll gate without registering. After I came back Dubai I made the account in darb application. So will I get a fine.

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