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5 Tips for Car Lease in Abu Dhabi

Car leasing in Abu Dhabi is, no doubt, a much more cost-effective option compared to buying a car. For UAE residents, leasing on an average, costs DHS1,770 per month for a four-door saloon over a 12 month period versus Dh1,946 for a buyer. 

Thousands of UAE residents opt for easy long term car rental in Abu Dhabi leasing every year at these amazing prices, which factors in insurance, registration, and maintenance and loan interest.

Are you planning to lease a car in Abu Dhabi? Great choice. But remember- leasing a car means you have to return it to the car rental company after a specified period. Therefore, you must follow some basic dos and don’ts before stepping into the deal.

Here are the top 5 tips that must be followed before renting a car in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Optimum Condition: First things first; ensure that the car is in optimum condition. You can do this by taking test drives of the car and assess your compatibility with the vehicle. Ensure that there are no damages to the vehicle, and if there are, take a picture and show it to the car rental agents immediately.
  2. Check Insurance: You must make sure that the car rental is insured, as that is a must before leasing a car in Abu Dhabi. Knowledge of insurance details helps you tackle dire situations, especially when in a different country.
  3. Check Terms and Conditions: Check the terms and conditions of the lease agreement carefully. Read them twice and thrice. It is important to ensure that no conflicting clauses are there, which haven’t been mentioned to you.
  4. Check Security Deposit Terms: Enquire details about the terms governing security deposit. Ask for the factors regarding prices, return date etc. security deposits are taken in case the customer fails to pay on time or return the car on due date.
  5. Check for Vehicle Requisite Permissions: Ensure that the car you are being given has a valid registration. Make sure that the car has a valid original registration before you take the copy. Also make sure that the details in the documents match the car.

Usually, car rental agencies in UAE are sincere, and want their clients to be happy with their service. This prompts them to share valuable tips for saving extra. Do not hesitate to ask them to share their valuable insights related to the trips and travels and other related aspects in Abu Dhabi.

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